Cersei Lannister: The Character Winner for “First Of His Name”

Season 4 in general, I knew was probably going to belong to the Lannister siblings, because the second half of A Storm of Swords and all of A Feast For Crows pretty much belongs to them. But for the love of the seven, I did not expect to see an hour that Cersei dominated quite this much. (Sansa gets a very close second this week, her scenes with her crazy Aunt Lysa were exceptional.)

All Hail The Queen!

All Hail The Queen!

Cersei had quite the busy little day running around Kings Landing, brokering Tommen’s marriage to Margaery, with both Margaery herself and with Tywin. She planned the timing for that wedding as well as said that her own marriage to Loras will take place within a fortnight of that one. Tommen was crowned, and she had a vague and beautiful conversation with Oberyn about having power and not being able to wield it.

Then she sent Myrcella a boat.

A BOAT! How awesome is that?

But in serious town, one of the things that Game of Thrones has done that A Song of Ice And Fire was never able to do is turn Cersei into the model of what happens when someone rages and rages and beats down the door, but can’t break the patriarchy. In another universe and 800 years, Cersei Lannister would be Joan Holloway. She has ambition out the butt and the means to reach those ambitions but she lacks the proper sexual organs for her place and time to allow for it to happen.

But seriously, if this season doesn’t garner Lena Heady an Emmy nod, I don’t know what to think anymore. She did such incredible work here, and has done amazing work the whole time, but that speech to Oberyn, that’s crossing over into Cranston territory of good. Just unbelievable.

So, Queen Cersei, you’re the winner this week. All the wine in King’s Landing to you, Your Grace!


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