DC Comics Wrap Up: 4/30/2014

Hey guys! Welcome to week 2 of comics wrap up. Lot of Bat-books. (3 out of 4…look, I’m not apologizing for making a tough call!)

So let’s dive in to the DC books that held my attention on my lunch break yesterday, shall we.


Batman Beyond Universe #9: Justice Lords Beyond

I haven’t been reading Batman Beyond Universe, and now I’m bummed that I haven’t been and not just because there ain’t no party like a Terry McGinnis party, but because God, do I miss the AU and it’s strange and amazing history that I know so well at this point. (Also it makes it less weird when you hear everything Bruce Wayne says in Kevin Conroy’s voice when they’re actually using that characterization.) Anyway, this issue focused on the return of Wonder Woman to this universe. Turns out that at some point The Justice Lords returned. (I hate the Justice Lords.) And AU Diana decided to go stay in their universe, because that Bruce was willing to date her. This is why I hate Diana/Bruce. UGH this is awful! DAMNIT! I should not be this angry about any book that features two Terrys and Warhawk! Anyway, she comes back, spins a tale about how she eventually saved that world, and Terry goes into the Justice Lords universe to talk to alternate Bruce and check up on Diana’s story. It’s a really good set up, and when Terry meets his alternate self (who never met Bruce and thus never got his act together) it’s a pretty great moment. It turns out that this isn’t real Diana at all, but Justice Lord Diana, and it was all a ruse to bring the Justice Lords back to the main Earth. I’m looking forward to moving on. (And really looking forward to Future’s End, because guys, I mean Terry, right? Also, I can’t be the only person who wants Terry and Damian to meet, because Damian would find Terry entirely inadequate as both a brother and a Batman.)

Batgirl Annual #2: When Pamela Gets  Blue

If at all possible, I would read twenty comic books about Barbara and Poison Ivy hunting down corrupt business men. This book was awesome. But I love Barbara and Gail Simone. Seriously. Guys. Read Batgirl whenever possible. It makes the world a better place. The art here is great, and the story is fun and I just thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Flash Annual #3: Why Does The Fastest Man Alive Want to Kill Barry Allen?

We learned more about Wally! Which was sort of the whole point here. New Wally is still Iris’s nephew, his parents abanoned him and now Iris is taking care of him. He has behavior issues. Barry got him arrested for tagging. (As Barry, not as Flash.) Then somehow, caused his death or failed to save him, which in Barry-speak is the same thing. We don’t know that part yet. Anyway, in the future, apparently Gorilla Grodd travels through time and eats people’s brains to absorb their essence and feed off their time energy. (In the future, Gorilla Grodd is what would happen if Sylar and The Weeping Angels mated! Thanks New 52!) Future Barry fights him and goes back in time. What will happen next? Wally becomes Kid Flash, I would guess and sacrifices himself to save the world from a dystopian future where Jaime Reyes becomes an evil overlord controlled by aliens. (I may have rewatched Young Justice this week…)

Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman Vs Bane #1: Black Dawn

I didn’t read Forever Evil, so I’m playing  a lot of catch up with the events and the new status quos. But apparently in Batman’s absence fighting the Crime Syndicate Bane has turned Gotham into the Gotham that we all remember from The Dark Knight Rises except without the threat of nuclear explosion. Batman and Commissioner Gordon decide that this will not stand, as is their way. (Also The Talons are there, which is fun, but makes me miss Nightwing…) So Batman and Bane fight. (It’s the title of the book, I’m not surprised.) And Bane winds up in Arkham. Look, I expended all of my analytical energy on being mad at Batman Beyond today, OK? This one was fairly straightforward. I liked it and it had great noise words and some really fantastic splash pages.

See you guys next week! Can’t wait.


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