Batman Eternal 1-3

In order to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman, DC is releasing Batman Eternal a weekly comic. I will be celebrating the way I always do, by thinking about Batman way more than is probably healthy and reviewing Batman Eternal on the last Tuesday of every month. Also, I will continue to doodle the Bat-Signal in my notebook every time I’m bored at work.

I feel like that last one is a given though.

Anyway, let’s talk about the first 3 issues of Batman Eternal! 

So, it looks like the store of this year long saga is going to be about Carmine “The Roman” Falcone wanting to take Batman down and return Gotham to it’s previous glory of being the most crime ridden city ever, but this time only with mobsters, not with you know costumed freaks. His first step is somehow framing Jim Gordon for the derailing of a train that killed a bunch of people. The commissioner is behind bars and Batman is set on getting him out. It’s a simple enough premise and I’m really looking forward to seeing how everything plays out, especially because Scott Snyder is writing it and after The Black Mirror and Night of The Owls I’d follow Snyder down any Bat trail he wishes to go.

The first issue deals mainly with introducing us to Detective Jason Bard, which is great. I like Jason, and he’s been used before as a love interest for Barbara, and with Dick, “dead” I wouldn’t mind her finding love elsewhere. (Temporarily! Obviously, I want them to end up together! I enjoyed the book, I didn’t get a personality transplant.) The book sets up Bard as a good cop, and will probably be Gordon’s street level stand in as he stays behind bars. It’s a dynamic that works.

Probably my favorite moment in the first two issues came as we saw the rest of the Bat-family reacting to the news of Gordon’s arrest. Barbara was appropriately horrified (tomorrow’s issue is entitles “Batgirl VS Batman” so that’ll bethe  fun), Tim gets on the next plane for Gotham (as the last “living” son who’s you know, speaking to Bruce, that’s probably the right call for him) and Jason sits in a bar in full uniform drinking a beer. It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is my favorite part, because I love Jason, and because I love the idea that he goes out drinking in full gear, helmet and all.

The third issue is the big one, because we met Stephanie Brown. I never knew Stephanie well, but little that I did know her, I liked, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this all goes. Stephanie’s father is still a bad guy, and she still knows too much about his plans and might she SPOIL them? Eh, eh? Maybe? I don’t know guys, I just hope that she and Tim hook up. Because I think it would be nice for Tim to get some.

In Batman related action, he beats up the Penguin for information and Falcone blew up a bunch of stuff. Hooray!

I’m really enjoying reading this one, and it’s what’s getting me into the store every week and opening my awareness to non Bat related titles. (But also mostly the ones about Batman, if we’re honest.)

So, we’ll be back with more Eternal on May 27!

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