Daenerys Targaryen: Character Winner for “Oathbreaker”

Guys, seriously, how much did Khalessi own on last night’s episode?

Like a Boss

Like a Boss

Freeing slaves, conquering Mereen, tossing the sigil of The Dragon over that weird angel statue? Litle Miss Stormborn had it going like a boss.

I don’t have much to say about it, and it’s interesting to me that she’s my favorite for the week when she did less than a lot of other people. (Other options included Jon Snow, who did some mighty fine speechafyin’ and The White Walkers because OH MY GOD HOW CREEPY WAS THAT?) But in the end, there can’t be anything better to me than Daenerys.

What’s interesting to me is that this throughline in the books lost my interest but Emilia Clarke’s arresting presence keeps any and everything interested. She really does feel like a queen, a leader in these episode, leading her children/people/brothers/sisters towards freedom and towards her ultimate reward.

And really, that shot of her standing on top of that pyramid,triumphant with that coy smile on her face was one of the most epic shots in the history of this show with it’s many epic shot.

So, Khaleesi, Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, and the true queen of Westeros? Way to go and congrats on your win.

But also, I mean, dude The White Walkers.


4 thoughts on “Daenerys Targaryen: Character Winner for “Oathbreaker”

  1. Dany is always the most badass. I know there’s a big lull with her in the books, but the Game of Thrones audience loves her; I’m expecting her to keep doing amazing things.

    But Jamie in this episode! I had a lot of feelings about Jamie in this episode.


    • I have too many feelings about Jamie in general for him to ever win. Like, ever. He was great this episode though. Also, very seriously considered giving it to Ser Pounce, because, how cute is it that Tommen names his cat SER POUNCE?


  2. I’m not disputing her awesomeness, but I’m with Barristan Selmy on my concern over the execution of the 163 slavers. I’m not saying most of them probably didn’t deserve to be mailed to signposts, but why those 163 in particular? Maybe only 10 slavers in charge of Meereenese roads thought it would be hilarious to nail up slave children to intimidate Daenerys. Maybe those 10 guys weren’t even nailed up.

    I’m all in favor of Dany kicking ass, taking names, storming cities, raising dragons, etc, but if she’s going to talk justice, she needs to understand what it means. It means nailing the correct sons of bitches to the signposts.

    Otherwise she’s just like Cersei, insisting on Tyrion being punished, when the real killer gets away.


    • No denying that she’s a little self righteous at this moment in her arc, but it’s nothing like what Cersei’s doing. Cersei’s motive is all vengeance. If it wasn’t for Joffrey’s death she would have found some other crime to get Tyrion gone for being, I don’t know, smarter than her? Born a man? Dany’s motive is at least justice and freedom even if she’s being sort of thick headed about it and it’s long term ramifications. Conquering Mereen is not the most well thought out plan, but damn does it make for good story telling.


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