Marvel Comics Round Up: Week of 4/24/2014

Here’s the first week of my Marvel comics round up! I’m still trying to figure out how to use the website at the store that I’ve decided to go to to reserve my stuff moving forward, but it’s a ten minute detour after work on Wednesday, so, I’m not terribly worried about it, I can ask for a tutorial there. (You’d be surprised how technologically useless I am.

Anyway, here’s the thing with Marvel Comics for me. I’ve also been a DC Girl. I like Marvel, and thanks to their movies and Ultimate Spider-Man I have a passing familiarity with most of their characters. But, for the most part, this is a newer thing for me. Please be patient as I pick up and try to catch up here. Some of the dynamics are going to be new to me and there are going to be characters that I’ve never heard of. (The Marvel universe doesn’t have JLU or Young Justice: Invasion so I haven’t met like, every single character.)

But onto the actual reviews!


Guardians of The Galaxy #14

God, I love Guardians. I’m so glad that because of movies, I know what they are. I love that it’s funny, and out there and that things blow up in space. (Also, Flash Thompson/Venom is hanging out with them these days. Too bad we’ll never see that in a movie.) Anyway, #14 is a double issue, so it’s pretty long and there’s a lot of stuff happening. Gamora is being tortured, Drax is getting venom a weapon, Star Lord is working on his Daddy issues. Also, Peter’s father is trying to kill them all, but it looks like Captain Marvel is going to save them! (Marvel Captain Marvel, not DC Captain Marvel or Shazam.) And Groot is hanging out with a bunch of squirrels in the forest, and it makes no sense, but it’s super cute. (I am Groot.) Also, the future guardians are libertating a camp that the Brotherhood of Badoon have imprisoned a bunch of humans in.

I love that I know enough about all of these individual parts that I can understand all of this, but not quite enough that the part of my brain that says, “This is totally nuts” hasn’t shut down yet. Hooray Guardians!

What if? Age of Ultron #3

What if’s are fun, if only because they create worlds and ideas that would otherwise be kicked right out and dismissed outright. What ifs are like officially sanctioned fanfiction. So, thats what Age Of Ultron #3 is, and the What if? in question? What if Thor perished and Black Widow became the new God of Thunder? What would that look like. Um, it looks like a lot of explosions, but Natasha does some mighty great butt kicking and looks super hot in the armor, so there’s that. Not sure I’m going to keep up with this book, but, it will depend month to month. I was pretty lost, even more than in DC this week and the Batman/Superman debocacle.

Original Sin #0 “Who is The Watcher”

Let’s start off by saying that I love Nova and that The Watchers as a concept seem like less blue versions of The Guardians from Green Lantern. I got that out of my system so now I can talk about the actual book. I’m looking forward to Original Sin as an event, because I figure it’s a good way to get into the universe and get to know everyone a little bit. Also, events are good jump in points, because status quos change and you can move forward. In the issue, Nova, Sam Alexander goes to the moon to talk to the watcher, and learns the mystical beings story. His people once helped a planet advance, and then the people of that planet destroyed themselves. Now they don’t interfere. Sam understands this, but asks the watcher if his father is alive, and the Watcher answers that he is. The elated Sam leaves, after learning that the Watcher knows everything about everyone. The issue is a prelude to the big event and intros the watcher well and like I said, I love Nova, so I’m on board. Brian Michael Bendis is a good writer and I’m loving that I’m starting to recognize names. Makes me feel good.

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