DC Comics Round Up: Week of 4/23/2014

Hi all! This is a new feature, where I write short paragraph opinions about the DC Comics I read this week! Hooray for Structure and Schedules! This’ll hit every Saturday at noon unless for some unforeseen reason I don’t read any DC Comics that week. (Also, Movie Season reviews may go up the same day. This isn’t to inundate you, it’s because there are only 7 days in a week.) Also, spoilers, but I’m me, so I guess you could figure that out on your own.

Excluded from this round up is always Batman Eternal, because I’m going to be doing more in detail reviews of that once a month. So, here we go:


Batman/Superman #9 “First Contact”

Hey, know what’s fun? Jumping into a story smack dab in the middle with no details. That’s what I did here. I enjoyed it because, look, it’s Batman/Superman, and as a bonus it features my favorite character that I know very little about but who I love in concept, Helena Wayne as Huntress. Clark and Bruce fight aliens that if I’d read the previous 8 issues, I’d probably know, and try to keep the girls from going back to their dimension, because there’s something dangerous over there. (Also, now I have to pick up World’s Finest #21 because I want to know what happens. Damnit!) But Clark is poisoned by nanites, which, I mean, is always good. Nanite poisoning is always a good plot point especially for Superman and Wonder Woman. The best part of the whole issue was the sound effects. They were truly amazing. Good job on that.

The Flash #30 “Lost Time”

Guys, everyone was really excited about “Lost Time” because it was going to be the introduction of Wally West into The New 52. That’s the only reason I bought it. I’m even more behind on Flash than on well, everything. And technically speaking, yes, Wally West was introduced. In that Wally West died, and also, he doesn’t look anything like Wally West. Where, may I ask, was this boy’s freckles and out of control red hair? Certainly not in the two panels where he appeared dead in this book! Basically, after going to therapy and learning that the events of Forever Evil were not his fault, Barry decided that he was going to save everyone. This is Barry’s problem. He thinks if he just goes fast enough he can save everyone. He can’t, but I guess he has to learn this all over again. Then we flash forward (hah! Flash!) two years and Barry has decided he needs to go back in time to save Wally.

Going back in time to save the lives of people always works out so well for Barry, let’s keep this one going, I mean, right?

Also Barry and Patty are living together and she gives him a watch and I do not care. I mean, Patty’s great, but she’s not Iris.

This story is going to continue in The Flash Annual #3 which comes out next week. Yay! I hope even though he has different hair and a tan Wally’s still a smart ass who eats too much.

Justice League: United #0 “Justice League Canada

I did not understand much of this comic, but watching Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Star Girl and Animal Man rescue Adam Strange’s girlfriend from a Thanagarian Moon doesn’t need like, clarity or anything. Also, as a 0, I expect to get more clarity for #1. But, I like this team, and at the end Hawkman and Lobo showed up, and Supergirl will come. We also met a new superhero, Equinox, who is the Canadian in question. I’m looking forward to learning more about her and the art for this one was absolutely gorgeous.

Secret Origins #1 “Superman/The Long Year/Daughter of The House of El”

The Secret Origins series is going to be a hard one for me emotionally. Or at least some of them, and this one, oh boy, did it get me. I read it in my car at lunch on Thursday in the fifteen minutes before I had to be back in my office. It was good that I didn’t go into my office because I’m enjoying being around a group of people who think that I’m at least semi sane, and weeping over the destruction of Krypton, the death of the Graysons and OK, the Supergirl one didn’t make me cry,  but it reinforce my love of Kara Zor-El. Superman: Secret Origins” shows Kal-el’s blastoff on Krypton and the Kents finding him, and uses narrative boxes from both Lara and Martha’s POV. It’s emotional and lovely and I cried like a Baby Kal. The second short story in this one is Dick Grayson’s origin as Robin, which basically jettisons the work of Robin: Year One. To me it speaks volumes how relatively unaltered Dick’s origin is in The New 52. Dead parents, adoption, training and brightly colored costume. It’s a testament to how great the character is. Seriously. He’s great. Did you know I love Dick Grayson? Have I mentioned that? Moving on. The final origin told her was Kara Zor-El/Supergirl. You saw her tricky adolescence in Argo City, her relationship with her mother Alara. She stood up to some North Koreans and generally dismissed Clark. Kara’s a pretty simple character and that’s what I love about her.

Alright, this is going to be a fun experiment moving forward! That’s this week. See you tomorrow with Marvel!

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