DC Animated Movies: JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

Trapped in TIme

In an attempt to get ahead of things, I watched JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time and The Flashpoint Paradox within hours of one another. This was fun because well, these two movies could not be more different in their treatment of these characters, and how time travel effects them. Flashpoint creates a gritty gory horror show of a world, Trapped in Time, er, well, has Bizarro punting a baby Superman into space.

I”m not saying this is a bad thing, this is a wonderful thing, but I’ll get there.

The plot, however, The Legion of Doom is creating more coast line in order to own all coastal real estate. (Yup, that old chestnut) The Justice League stops them, and Lex Luthor gets trapped in ice until the 31st Century when Karate Kid and Dawnstar, not yet Legion of Superhero characters free him by accident. Then he finds a time travel demon, goes back in time to get the rest of the Legion of Doom and then go back to Smallville and prevent Superman from ever being raised by the Kents thus negating the Justice League. He does this but then Karate Kid and Dawnstar reverse that, and then I don’t know, there are a lot of time travel shenanigans and everything gets set right.

The plot is thin, and the movie is short. (It clocks in at 52 minutes) but it’s wonderful. The action is great, the Justice League are at their work together best, and there are some very fun gags. The fight for Superbaby, which resembles a football game is a definite winner. A quick cameo by Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog on their cell phones. There’s a Batman and Robin subplot, and I dedicated far too much brain power to figuring out which Robin this was. It looked like he was wearing a combination of Damian and Tim’s costumes, fought with a bow staff like Tim, but disobeyed orders like all of the Robins who aren’t Tim. (Tim is a rule follower.) I have decided to call him DiJaTimian out of pure confusion. This made it impossible for me to fully enjoy this story line and the whole movie. But that’s because I’m insane, not because the movie suffers in quality.

This is a good one. It’s fun, funny, and unapologetically all ages oriented. (Again, a refreshing change after Flashpoint.) The voice cast features Deidrech Bader back as Batman. (He took on Batman: The Brave And The Bold, a show a lot of people like that I never quite got into.) The rest of the cast are voice actor veterans who’s names I don’t recognize except for Kevin Michael Richardson, but everyone’s one point. The art is a little basic but effective and I’m always happen to see Legion of Superhero characters. There was some opening for continuing in this time line, which I would love to see, because while the main line seems to have gone down a darker road, escaping to fun frothy superhero adventures is a nice diversion.

Up next is Justice League: War, which I imagine is very different from this.

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