SHIPPING! It was only a matter of time: Ms. Marvel #3

Ms. Marvel 3

I’m so sorry that it took me a week to get to reading Ms. Marvel # 3, because for all that I wasn’t totally satisfied with seeing Kamala’s home life in #2, I wanted to see her world grow a little bit. #3 gave us a bit more of Kamala’s friends and we saw her at school.

Oh, and I’m totally shipping Kamala/Bruno. I’m not saying it’s all I’m coming to the book for, but I’m always going to be me, and even when I’m analyzing the feminist and ideological reasons why I love that Ms. Marvel exists, I’m also like, going to be rooting for these two kids to get together and move to the suburbs and have babies. I want everyone to have that ending. I’m very conventional that way.  These two love each other, and it’s great. Most of the issue revolved around Kamala’s anger at her friend for calling her parents after the party, and getting her in trouble. But also, as part of her grounding she had to go to the Mosque to hear a youth lecture. She snuck out with Nakia, and they went to the Circle Q to see Bruno. (Though again, Kamala is not speaking to him.)

Then in school, Kamala has a flair up of her powers, wrecks a locker room and gets detention. Her mother freaks out and asks if she’s becoming a “degenerate” which, frankly, is an awesome word for a mom to use when describing their newly superheroic child. After detention, Kamala agrees to go meet Bruno while he’s working, stating that “somebody’s going to come out of this really sorry.” But as Kamala walks in, she sees that Bruno is currently dealing with someone holding up the store.

Of course, it’s actually Bruno’s idiot brother, and when Kamala intervenes (again all done up in Ms. Marvel blond hair, though a slightly more practical costume this time around) she winds up shot and the issue ends.

There was always going to be the hint of identity as a theme for this series, there was just no way around it. But a page of Kamala walking down a street actually questioning what her new powers mean to her identity could have felt a little too on the nose, but I have a lot of affection for Kamala, and she’s so realistic that her airing of  her insecurities feel well earned.

I can’t wait to find out what comes next and I’m planning on picking up with Captain Marvel moving forward. Also, I’m going to be going to a comic book store weekly now (Thanks Batman Eternal!) and I’ll be doing weekly write ups of the DC and Marvel titles I pick up along the way. However, Ms. Marvel, Batman Eternal, and of course Translucid will still get their own monthly write ups. DC on Saturday, Marvel on Sunday, Eternal every 3 or 4 issues, depending on how the weeks fall, Translucid you know, when it shows up, and Ms. Marvel within a week of it’s coming out. Because of work, and movie season and theatre group (Still fundraising!) I’m trying to give myself more structure here (so I can write on weekends and after work and know what I’m getting into.)


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