The Souffle Girls: A New Fangirl Dream Team

Monday night, I had what was probably one of the best fangirl night’s ever. I’ve been in my new job for a whole week now, and I’m completely exhausted, so a night out wasn’t really in my best interest. (A night in cleaning out my DVR would have been a much better move) but also, a night hanging out with two of the best friends I’ve ever had, talking about Doctor Who, was obviously a good second.

Yes, that’s right friends, Aless has met Crystan, there was Doctor Who trivia and fried food and now, I can sleep soundly, knowing that at least two aspects of my life have been peacefully integrated and there’s just a whole lot less to compartmentalize now.

But also, we just had a great night. I’m exhausted now though, so I’m just going to refer you to Trivia AD, the company that ran the night. (and the West Wing Trivia that Crystan and I did a few months ago) Also, congrats to The Souffle Girls, our team. We came in Second, this was largely thanks to Aless, although we all helped out.

Not the most flattering picture, but this is us.

Not the most flattering picture, but this is us.

Trivia nights can be intense, but this one was really fun, and as the host of the night (Lauren Millberger, she’s awesome too,) put it “Doctor Who is such an optimistic show, that of course Whovians are super nice and such a welcoming fandom.”

This is so incredibly true. Who fandom, in spite of it’s age and depth is a very welcoming one. Compare it to any comic fandom, of Trek fandom, which have similar histories and it’s like an open door. No one cares if you’re NuWho only, or know your classics, if you don’t know the difference between a companion or an assistant. Oh, sure, they’ll point you towards answers, but no one’s going to mock you.

Crystan is still in the midst of her first watching and everyone at trivia was just really excited for her, and glad to have someone new in the Tardis for a ride. The only other fandom I’ve seen that’s as open is Harry Potter, yes, we prefer if you’ve read the books, but if you’ve only watched the movies, cool, we’re glad you’re here. Whovians, similarly, yeah, we like it if you’ve seen the whole show, we dig it if you’re into Torchwood, only because it opens up more to talk about, but for the most part, we’re just glad that you’ve shown up at all.

I’m lucky to have friends who I’m connected with in real ways who share my love of these things, and I’m really glad that they get along with each other. I’m lucky to have people I love to sit around for two hours and talk Who with. (And jump up and down at the non-death of Dick Grayson, or chat about Veronica Mars, and any number of other things that happened last night.)

So thanks ladies, it was exactly what I needed. Here’s to many more such nights!

4 thoughts on “The Souffle Girls: A New Fangirl Dream Team

    • Oh yeah, the arguments are great, but they aren’t mean spirited the way that they can get in other fandoms.

      I mean, we literally spent about a half hour talking about Rose, Billie Piper and whether she’s worthy of as much love and hate as she gets. But there was no name calling, no casual dismissal of the newbie, which I’ve seen happen in such conversations in other fandoms.

      But Donna, like all the way. We all agreed on that.


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