Be The Super Man They Are Waiting For: Translucid #1



When I started reading comics in earnest a year or so ago, I did not know that Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert were going to be writing a superhero comic. But boy am I glad they did.

So, here is the review that I’ve been waiting all week to write!  I don’t know why it took so long for it to get here, but I was really, really happy when I got home from work last night and it was waiting for me!

My favorite part about The Amory Wars is how unhinged it is. Not that it doesn’t make sense, the plot does, even the crazy meta parts, but it’s a no holds barred id fueled story of cosmic space opera violence, pretty much from panel 1. That’s kind of what I expected from Translucid, but in it’s first issue, well, it wasn’t like that at all.

Translucid is about the relationship between a superhero, The Navigator and his long time nemesis The Horse. When teasing it months ago, Claudio talked about the similarities between the two and Batman and The Joker, and perhaps later on we’ll see more of that, but aside from the fact that The Navigator appears to be “just a man” their relationship feels more symbiotic even than that.

Also, once again, the story appears to be meta, as we move in between the super hero action and panels of a young boy apparently playing. It’s hard to make the call, however, because this is alternative comics, this may be (probably is) a misdirect.

The art by Daniel Bayliss and colored by Adam Metcalfe is absolutely beautiful, full of realistic images and tight lines. The characters we meet, The Horse and Navigator in particular are well realized, as are the Apocalypse 3, a trio of villains who have been terrorizing New York in The Horse’s absence. But the real thing that I can’t believe (actually I can) is how badly I want to see an album of this story. So many of the lines feel like Claudio’s lyrics.

“The good news is, I don’t care about your imperfections.”

“One less rung high on the ladder makes for a quicker climb to the top.”

“Breaking on the scene as you can see above me.”

“I’m just a man, and this is just a building, but you’re the closest thing to a friend I’ve ever had.”

“Have the Apocalypse 3 filled their hearts while I’ve been gone?”

“Heroes can’t turn back time, only villains can do that.”

I’m looking forward to this run, and I’m so glad it finally came. (Seriously, the stupid post office!)


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