Hail Hydra! (I didn’t see this one coming)


After watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier I had a feeling that at least one of the agents we’ve gotten to know this year on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. were probably going to be Hyrda. It was a foregone conclusion, although  I pretty much thought that everyone on the bus was safe.

I should have known better.

I should have known that when Joss & Co spared Skye’s life, all those weeks ago that it was because they were going to break my heart somewhere down the line.

And break my heart they did, terribly.

Really, I didn’t expect to be more upset than I was when I found out that Sitwell was Hydra, because that was heartbreaking. I was world’s more upset than that.

Because, I was pretty sure that Victoria Hand might end up being Hydra. And I was very afraid that Melinda May might be. (But I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t be) and I was curious to see how the exposure of Hydra within S.H.I.E.L.D. was going to affect the team.

Here are things that I didn’t expect, my new favorite character in anything ever, Agent John Garrrett was going to be Hydra and GRANT FRIGGIN WARD!

I mean, I’m sorry, “I’m Agent Grant Ward” who ten minutes before putting a bullet into Victoria Hand’s head said that he had feelings for Skye? I don’t understand what’s happening here. I did like that Hand and Coulson suspected one another. And, that Agent Triplett isn’t, for Simmons sake. (Those two are going to be adorable.)

Although the scenes for next weeks’ episode seem to indicate that Ward is having conflicting feelings. I just really badly want Cap to show up and punch him in the face.

So badly.

I mean, look, this episode just gave me a lot of feelings.

P.S. Aless thinks that the fact that Ward didn’t say “Hail Hydra” means that he might be going undercover at Coulson’s order. I can only hope so.


2 thoughts on “Hail Hydra! (I didn’t see this one coming)

  1. Could not get into this show after watching the first five episodes! However, it looks like I should have! This whole Hydra angle is awesome! Loved it in the CAP film and it looks like the connections to this show are strongly present! Interesting read!


    • Yeah, the show definitely got off to a slow start. I only hung on out of affection for Agent Coulson as a character and Ming-Na Wen as an actress. Given the direction the past few episodes have gone, I’m glad I did.


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