The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line or Back To Basics


Here’s the thing about the whole Veronica Mars  revival, I still haven’t decided if I think it’s a good thing for pop culture in general.

Here’s another thing about the whole Veronica Mars revival, I have decided that I don’t really care much, because as a fan of these characters I can’t seem to get enough of them. I actually read the second half of the first VM book The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line while rewatching several episodes of season 2. (I really love “The Donut Run” more than is at all fair to any single hour of television.)

The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line is like a standard B+ episode of the show, complete with a horrific crime committed against young women, the rich kid/poor kid distinction drawn, Wallace bringing invaluable resources to the investigation (he caught two of his players in a bar and uses them to pass out flyers.) The mystery surrounds the disappearance of 2 girls during Neptune’s Spring Break. The Chamber of Commerce hires Veronica to help find the girls. It turns out that the second girl is Veronica’s step sister.

I was intrigued by Thomas’s decision to bring Lianne back in before other characters. (*cough* Duncan *cough*) But the idea of Veronica having to make due with her mother being in Neptune added an emotional element that the story would have missed otherwise, especially since Logan was still gone. Although it is a little odd that in her nine year get her life together absence that Veronica didn’t reconnect with her mother.

I don’t want to spoil much, because the twist and turns of the mystery are really what makes this worth it. The return of Lianne ups the emotional stakes, but there’s little else that really happens for the overall Veronica Mars narrative here. It’s just a fun little drop by to our favorite crime ridden beach town.

Oh, but the terms “FBI” and “criminal profiler” came up twice. I’m thinking that Thomas might be hinting at Veronica’s future, and frankly, this makes more sense than any other possible future for our girl. Also, Veronica finally got a gun, so that’ll be fun.

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