Shapeshifting and Parent Fights: Ms. Marvel #2

Ms. Marvel 2

So, after getting to know Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel #1, Ms. Marvel #2 “All Mankind,” brings our plucky awkward heroine her first challenge, learning how to use her brand new cosmic shape shifting powers. While, “hero gets powers” and “hero learns how to use powers” are of course necessary steps, I wasn’t expecting a lot of this issue. But I thoroughly enjoyed it as, Kamala found that she was able to shrink herself down to bug size (to hide from her classmates) and then grow and rescue one of said classmates from drowning.

Kamala then runs home, while complaining about her superhero costumes (which gives her a wedgie, has pinchy boots and hilariously, doesn’t come with underwear.) She climbs a tree to sneak back in, becomes herself again and then gets into a fight with her parents when she can’t tell them what happened.

What I’m really enjoying about Kamala and Ms. Marvel so far is that it’s not collapsing under how important it is. There was a lot of pressure on this series to deliver, and it has, but not by preaching or pushing, simply by creating a fun story about a girl coming to terms with getting super powers and finding herself. This would be an interesting story regardless of said girl’s outer trappings. But that Kamala is a first generation American, and a Muslim makes her important. If Kamala were WASPy, and still funny, awkward and obsessed with the Avengers, she would still be awesome. (Also, her name would probably be Caitlin then right?) But she isn’t, and that gives her story a twist.

Because the story wasn’t as important this time around (except that Kamala is now grounded and that makes superheroing more difficult.) I want to talk a little bit about the art. To be totally fair, I don’t know much about comic book art (And also, as a words person don’t care too much about it), but I do know enough to know what I like. Adrian Alphona’s art is definitely the kind of stuff that I like. Kamala’s world is quirky looking, and fun, full of long lines and soft faces. I’m enjoying it.

So, I’m two into the series and I’m definitely a fan. I was going to keep reading and buying even if this issue didn’t kill it, but I still really liked this one. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kamala’s adventures as we move forward, that’s absolutely for certain.

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