An MCU Revelation (For Me)

Assembling a Universe

Because ABC has apparently decided that killing any and all momentum Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might gain purely by accident is the best possible plan, last night rather than air a new episode, they aired an all new special about the building of the MCU. Watching the special, for me, gave me a butt load of insight into my older brother.

OK, here’s the thing, anytime anyone tries to start a conversation about sports on the collegiate or professional level with my older brother, he always sighs good naturedly and then takes apart their point with the astounding amount of knowledge that he has about collegiate and professional sports. I don’t often give him props for this, in fact I often find it obnoxious, because I am often the one on the receiving end of this dressing down. I mean, dude I’m just trying to engage you about something you’re very interested in and I am mildly interested in. (Since Lost went off the air, we haven’t had very many overlapping interests, so conversations are sometimes short.) He also very often starts off long rambling speeches with “I know most people aren’t as interested in sports as I am but,” and then basically calls some poor person who tried to talk sports with him an idiot. (Once he refused to believe that in Chicago Oprah could get a table faster than Michael Jordan. I had to remind him that like, Oprah probably owns Michael Jordan’s gambling debts, or something else crazy.) I found myself shaking my head and my sister and I watched this “special” with all its’ “insider insights” and “sneak peeks” and saying, “I mean, I know I know more about these movies than most people, but I literally had all of this information before tonight.”

Basically, I owe my brother a huge apology because it is frustrating as hell! While yeah, I generally am happy to listen to Robert Downey Jr. talk about playing Tony Stark, and hear Clark Gregg gush about how it was the love of the Marvel fan base that kept Phil Coulson alive (and him employed), and to look at Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, if you’re going to pre-empt my show, maybe give me a little bit more than some clips of Captain America: The Winter Soldier that just make it abundantly clear that Black Widow and Cap are going to bone, and an interview with  Chris Pratt where he reveals that Star-Lord is “a little bit selfish.”

Other astounding revelations? In Age of Ultron we’ll meet Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.  (Not new information.) And Ultron is a giant robot who has a history in comics of wanting to kill The Avengers a lot.

Which again, I mean, I get that not everyone is as into the MCU as I am, but…


One thought on “An MCU Revelation (For Me)

  1. That is a shame. It actually was something that I considered watching but like you, I think that I already know or have heard most of the main stuff. Plus, I hate things that just hype a movie that I am already planning to watch. You know, it is just a big tease and I do not like being teased haha.


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