Agents of Sif


I don’t think anyone was surprised that Jaimie Alexander’s appearance of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week was awesome. Because Jaime Alexander is awesome, and Lady Sif is great.

The plot of the episode is simple, the sorceress Loelei escapes from Asgard, and uses her magic to ensnare Ward as her lackey/sex toy. Sif comes after her and goes right to S.H.I.E.L.D. to help her find it because Lady Sif knows what’s up. After hooking up with the team, Sif and Coulson talk about Thor. Which basically amounts to, “Thor! Love that guy!” “Me too, don’t tell him I’m alive though! It’s a secret, shhh!” Then Sif and May talk about well, lots of things, but mostly fighting. Sif also warns May that Ward is no longer the man she knows. Eventually, after some Vegas sex, Ward and Lorelei come back to the bus and everyone fights.

The fights are pretty great, with May and Ward beating the crap out of each other and May learning that Ward has feelings for Skye. (I hate this development, the May/Ward relationship was unexpected and awesome, Ward/Skye is every kind of predictable.) But when Lorelei takes on Sif, well, let’s just say things get personal. Trying to beat her rival, Lorelei taunts her with stories of a lover she once stole, and then with a line about Thor, “What does that feel like? To be more pet than woman to him?” Ugh, that’s just nasty and mean and low.

But I was just really psyched to see the women of Agents get their due, especially Melinda May. Yes, AOS belongs in many ways the Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tauchereon rather than Joss, but his name is still on the show, and that brings certain expectations, one of those is that the women on this show are going to be fantastic. I’ve mentioned before, that one of the reasons for this is that Whedon’s shows just have more female characters, and that’s certainly true of Agents, but there hasn’t been an episode given fully over to Skye, Simmons and May, and this one isn’t either, exactly, but bringing in the tough as nails, take no shit women of Asgard is a good way to shine the spotlight on them.

I feel like in any other Whedon show we would have known May a lot better by now. But then again, maybe I’m projecting because I really do love her as a character and maybe knowing her better would take away from her bad ass mystique. But I also just want Ming-Na to have more screen time. She’s so freaking awesome.


So great

Also, I mean, it might be a little while before we see any of the Asgardians on the big screen again, so it was cool to establish a place for Sif with the team, which I feel like could also lead to seeing other supporting characters from other movies. (I mean, Gwyneth did Glee for God’s sake, you really think they couldn’t bring Pepper around?) Tethering Agents to The MCU at large isn’t a bad idea, in fact the strongest episodes have been the ones that are Asgard specific. But I’m guessing the season finale will tie in to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, because I mean, it will right?


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