DC Animated Movies: Justice League: Doom


Justice League: Doom might be my favorite animated Justice League story. This is true primarily for three reasons: Vandal Savage, Voice Cast and Victor Stone. (Alliteration. It’s a good thing.)

But first, plot! Vandal Savage creates the Legion of Doom, made up of Bane, Mirror Master, Ma’aleafa’ak, Cheetah, Star Sapphire and Metallo to take out the Justice League, using plans that he stole from Batman, meant to neutralize the league if any of them ever went rogue. Savage tweaks the plans to kill rather than neutralize and comes up with one for Batman.

Bane steals the bodies of the Waynes, thus luring Bruce to the graveyard and locking him in his father’s casket. (So creepy and so good!)

Mirror Master attaches a bomb to Flash’s wrist that will explode if he decelerates.

Ma’aleafa’ak sets J’onn on fire.

Cheetah poisons Wonder Woman so that she sees everyone as Cheetah, and she won’t back down from the fight because she’s Wonder Woman.

Star Sapphire stages an elaborate scenario using robots to undermine Hal’s confidence. (I never quite understood this plan, but it makes for an awesome scene.)

And Metallo poses as a reporter trying to kill himself who Superman has to talk down, and then shoots him with a kryptonite bullet.

Batman solves the problems, one by one. Breaks out of the coffin, sends Flash to an iceberg, neutralizes the chemicals in J’onn, sends Cyborg to reprogram Diana, shows Hal that they were just robots and he is a good Green Lantern, and gets the Kryptonite out of Clark.

This was all done so that Vandal Savage could release a plague that will destroy 2/3 of the population thus leading to him as supreme ruler. I really like Vandal Savage as a villain, because his goal is always to become supreme ruler. He’s a powerful immortal who spends all his time trying to figure out how to get The Justice League out of the way so that he can take over the world. It’s great.

The second reason I love this movie is the voice cast. Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Susan Eisenberg, Nathan Fillion, Carl Lumby and Michael Rosenbaum, all the greats. Seriously though, it’s pretty cool to have the best versions of these characters put forward. While yeah, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that all of a sudden Hal is on this team instead of John Stewart, and that Rosenbaum is all of a sudden Barry Allen instead of Wally West doesn’t quite track, but the subtle shift in Rosenbaum’s performance is one of the more brilliant elements. Barry is less goofy, more focused and sounds older (possibly because Rosenbaum is 10 years older).

The final cog in the brilliance of Doom is Victor Stone aka Cyborg, who’s been helping Batman out. Bumper Robinson plays him here and does it well. Cyborg is another character who I love to see just about anywhere, I like this concept, him working with the league if not yet a member. (He gets inducted at the end, to replace Batman.)

Anyway, I love Justice League: Doom, up next is Superman VS The Elite, I’m looking forward to it, because I like anything that takes the wind out of the anti-hero concept.


3 thoughts on “DC Animated Movies: Justice League: Doom

  1. This was fantastic and likely one of my favorites as well. Such a great story overall. Savage is a clever villain and the heroes got their asses handed to them for a bit bit of the run-time, which is always good.


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