He Smells Like The Forest

Once Upon a Time

Yesterday I talked about how excited I was that Once Upon A Time was going to be back. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I got plenty of good Emma/Hook action. (They are my official OUAT Ship. I love them together.) And there’s something new coming down the pipe, besides the introduction of The Wicked Witch of The West, but as was teased last year by Tinkerbelle, Regina has a true love out there in the world.

Turns out that it just might be Robin Hood.

We met Robin Hood earlier either in season 2 or season 3. Basically, he ran around the forest at the same time as Snow White, and he made friends with Baelfire at one point, and did something with Belle. (I honestly don’t remember…sorry guys.) But there is definitely some heat happening between Regina and Robin of Loxley.

Granted, anytime I hear him referred to as such, I immediately think of Robin Hood Men In Tights. But I kind of love the idea of him and Regina together, especially because we now know that at some point in the year after they left Regina and Snow made it work as friends or something. (I’m guessing they fought Not-Elfie together.)

Can’t you just see it? She loves horses, he shoots arrows. They can snark at each other, and he can help her heal from losing Henry. I think this could work.

Plus having Robin around means that we probably get to see more of Mulan.

In other Once world updates, Aurora is still the worst, as she clearly sold out everyone to Not-Elfie, Snow is pregnant, and Emma was totally dating a flying monkey. Also, Bael and Belle are probably going to try to bring Rumple back to life, to which I can only say, thank god. I really missed him a lot tonight. Emma also got her memories back, but Henry didn’t. Hook does not like bologna but he still clearly likes Emma and prefers to be thought of as a scoundrel.

*Sigh* That’s how I like thinking of him too.


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