DC Animated Movies: All Star Superman


All Star Superman is not for beginners. You have to know, love, and understand how Superman works to even begin to enjoy this story. And you have to be willing to buy the ticket and take the ride. All Star Superman tells the story of what happens when Superman knows that he’s dying. Not in an epic battle, mind you, but slowly, of Superman Cancer.

What? You don’t know, or understand what Superman Cancer is? Don’t worry. Most people don’t. Superman Cancer is what happens when he flies into the center of the sun to save an experimental science base from a crazed clone monster obviously. His cells are unable to metabolize that much yellow sun energy you see, so he’s going to explode. But he also gets even more powerful because of it.

Seriously, you kind of just have to go with it. So what does Superman do? Obviously, he tells Lois his true identity. (She doesn’t believe him. It’s probably my favorite version of her finding out. She just doesn’t understand why he would lie about being Clark Kent.) Then he gives her superpowers for her birthday and he has an arm wrestling match with Samson and Atlas to win Lois’s affection.

What? That doesn’t make any sense? Of course it doesn’t make any sense. If you wanted a story that made sense you shouldn’t have gone for All Star Superman you silly person. And Superman Cancer happened because Lex Luthor sabotaged the sun mission, again, obviously. Another thing that Superman does when he’s dying is interview Luthor in prison (As Clark Kent). And say good bye to his mother. Which is actually terribly sweet.

I’m being a little bit sarcastic, but I do actually like All Star Superman a lot. It’s a decent translation of a crazy graphic novel, that I love. I’m a fan of the way Grant Morrison writes, and this movie is based on his GN. I don’t always understand Morrison’s ramblings and pseudo scientific/philosophical babble, but I always find it deeply entertaining. All Star Superman moves slowly, there’s less action than most people would like. This is a fairly quiet and calm meditation on the nature of mortality.

But you know. With Superman.

Voice Cast. Christina Hendricks as Lois Lane, which is great, because Joan Holloway, James Denton takes on Superman, which is also great, because on Desperate Housewives, he was married to Terry Hatcher, and that’s fantastic. Also, they both just do a really good job, especially with the fairly heady Morrison dialog that they’re working with. But the real credit for coping with that goes to Anthony LaPaglia as Lex Luthor and Alexis Dennisoff as Dr. Leo Quintum (the sun scientist.) They have to say some of the most out there things and they both completely sell it. I was impressed.

Up next is Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which is great, because I miss GL. But all in all All Star Superman is a worthy entry in the DC Universe


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