How could I have forgotten The Flash?

So, I wasn’t going to post today, but then I was looking at the pictures of the suit for the The Flash TV show, that’s going to be a spin off of Arrow. (I need to get caught up on Arrow, badly. Because I want to watch The Flash, but I hate going into spin offs half cocked.) and I realized I haven’t talked about this show at all.

Which is weird, because I’m really excited about it. But I guess I got caught up in a wave of Gotham excitement, and Heroes revival news, and totally forgot that one of my favorite guys is coming, (already came?) to the small screen.

That is to say that Barry Allen has been a recurring character on Arrow this season. Like I said, I’m about a season and a half behind on that show. (It never quite grabbed me…but I’ll watch it. After House of Cards and Breaking Bad, I’m going to need a little escapism, so I’ll probably do it next.) And while I’m really excited, because look at this hood:

Looks pretty cools! Image- The CW

Looks pretty cool!
Image- The CW

I’m mostly excited because Jesse L. Martin is going to be playing Detective West, a surrogate father to Barry and actual father to Iris West (grandfather to Wally? Oh please, oh please, oh please give us some KF to play with here CW!) who is Barry Allen’s Lois Lane. Seriously, folks, she’s also a reporter, albeit, she’s a TV reporter…although Lois is too these days, huh?

I also really do like Grant Gustin, even if he did put rock salt in the slushy and almost blind Blaine that time on Glee. But I think he’s got that sweet sarcastic edge that makes Barry work pretty well…or basically any speedster. I’m excited, is the point.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited! Anyway, so there’s that.


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