More Gotham News And A Sigh of Releif

As if the large squee inducing news that Benjamin McKenzie was going to be playing Jim Gordon in Gotham, we’ve gotten a few more indications that the show is going to be high quality even though it might not be long lasting.

It was announced yesterday that the show will feature Jada Pinkett-Smith as a new charcter named Fish Mooney, who is a kind of proto Gotham supervillain, and in who’s criminal organization Oswald Cobblepot, not yet The Penguin serves.

This is cool for several reasons. The first is obviously that Pinkett-Smith is a talented lady. The other is that having the Smith Family Entertainment Machine behind your project is never a bad thing. These people have been making unlikely projects work since 1990. The third is because The Penguin is a character in the Batman mythos who badly needs re-contextualizing. It was a major bummer for a lot of people when Christopher Nolan shied away from him, because Oswald Cobblepot, the anti-Bruce Wayne (as Joker is the anti-Batman) probably would have fit well into that narrative. (And the rumor that Philip Seymour Hoffman was going to play him only broke our hearts more.) Seeing him move up through the ranks of a criminal organization as Gordon moves through the police force is a cool way to give the series some larger structure. I look forward to seeing who gets cast in that role.

But the real excitement for me comes in the announcement that Donal Logue will be playing Harvey Bullock. Bullock’s a fun character, who is pretty much tied to Batman: The Animated Series for me, but has popped up several other Gordon centric stories that I love. Logue is a good call for a character who has to bring the comic relief, but also can’t be a bumbling cop stereotype. He fits the look of a traditional cop, after all, he’s a middle aged Irish dude, and that’s a good idea for a character who’s main function is to say things like, “I don’t trust this Batman fella, comish,” but Logue also has an interesting edge that could make this show something special.

The sigh of relief that I was talking about before is that Fox and Warner Brothers seem to be taking this show seriously, in that they are casting people that are very talented and very good at doing stylized work. McKenzie has worked as the lead in both a teen soap opera and a gritty cop drama. Pinkett-Smith has worked in sit coms and medical dramas. Logue’s body of work is so varied and stylized that pointing to the unexpected quality of Grounded For Life, or the brilliance of Terriers, or his bonkers great work on Sons of Anarchy would be redundant. (But I brought them up anyway, just for funsies.)

That said, now that we know that Bullock is going to be around, if we’re denied Renee Montoya, I will call misogynistic shenanigans.


3 thoughts on “More Gotham News And A Sigh of Releif

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  2. Philip Seymour Hoffman was going to play Penguin? That would have been brilliant. The man had a lot of talent, and I can easily see him being an evil genius. I do not know much about Pinkett, but hopefully she can play a good villain. She has the intimidating look, and should be able to handle her own. Certainly looks tougher than Penguin haha.

    The season of SOA went downhill after Donal Logue finished working in it. The guy is full of charisma and he should be someone to look out for in Gotham. DC is capable of putting out good shows, so I am really hoping that this delivers!


    • I honestly don’t know if the whole Hoffman as Penguin thing was a real idea that got leaked or just a rumor that got out of control but it would have been incredible.

      Pinkett always kind of scared me, even when she was playing sympathetic roles, so it should be interesting.

      I didn’t even make it past episode 2 of this season of Sons, but he was so good. I’ll watch it eventually, I just realized I was no longer at all interested in that world and those characters anymore. But yeah, I really think he’s going to be a good fit for Gotham, and I really think that he and McKenzie are going to work well together.


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