What’s Next?

If I had never met my friend Crystan, my entire life would be different. That’s true of many of my friends, but Crystan changed my life in one of the most tangible ways possible. I chose my college because of her.

Go Royals!

Go Royals!

See, when I was a senior in high school, I didn’t get into my first choice school. It was a blow, because I’d been dreaming of going there since I understood what college was. I’d applied to several other schools that were in the same vein, of course. Smaller cities, liberal arts focused but not exclusive, Jesuit. I’d gone to visit Scranton that summer and liked it, but wasn’t sold.

Crystan sold me. I stayed with her when I did an overnight visit, and it was there that I learned that social life in college wasn’t all drinking bad keg beer, and avoiding getting date raped. (I mean, I did plenty of that too, when the time came.) Crystan and her roommate Sarah were like me. We talked about Newsies and Dawson’s Creek, we watched Grey’s Anatomy and ate junk food. It was a transforming experience.

My friendship with them always continued. We took Shakespeare courses together. I had my first legal drink at their apartment. I am endlessly grateful for their friendship

So on Wednesday when Crystan asked me if I wanted to meet her in the city for a West Wing Trivia Night, well, that was it. I went. We didn’t do so well at trivia but it was a fun night none the less. We giggled remembering fun moments about West Wing, and other things that we love. We talked about life.We talked about Scandal and Veronica Mars, and how despite the fact that we’re working and trying to live we still want to write, and create the next “thing,” that girls will sit in dorm rooms and talk about.

That’s kind of the deal when it comes to old friends, a lot of the time when you’re around them you become the best version of yourself that you were when you first met them. When I’m with Crystan, I’m an idealistic 18 year old, who wants to write the next great teen soap.

I mean, I still want to do that, but back then I thought it was an actual possibility.

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