Welcome to Gotham City, Bitch!

It’s almost as if there’s someone sitting in an office at Warner Brothers, saying, “How can we cast further DC Properties so as to make Reenie Nayden’s head explode?” This person’s mission began nearly three years, when they cast Amy Adams as Lois Lane, built momentum by giving Batman to Ben Affleck and then gave Lex Luthor to Jesse Eisenberg.

Yesterday, with the announcement of the new “Batman Without Batman” TV show that Fox has been developing Gotham, which is apparently going to center around Jim Gordon’s rise as a Gotham Cop, and where he will be played by Ben McKenzie, this person has reached their full potential. Congratulations.



If you’re in the New York Area and heard a loud pitched screeching noise sometimes around 12:30 yesterday, um, that was me, and I’m very sorry for making your dog bark all day.

I’m not entirely on board with the idea of Gotham, I love Jim Gordon, like every Wayne-fearing Batfan, but telling his story on it’s own seems strange and disconnected. That said, I think McKenzie is the right guy for it. He’s proven his abilities as “hero cop” in Southland and the brash guy with a heart of gold describes everything about Ryan Atwood. And frankly, if he’s going to be McKenzie’s age, that means that someone’s finally stepping away from the Batman: Year One characterization of Gordon and creating something new. I love Year One and the road map it created for every Batman story moving forward is completely stellar, but there are other ways into the characters, and hopefully Gotham does that and does it well.

And hey, maybe Adam Brody for Riddler?

Yes? Maybe? No? Probably, no, right?

Yes? Maybe? No? Probably, no, right?


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