Everything is Awesome!

The Lego Movie might be the most surprising movie ever. Yes, I counted on liking it, of course I did! But, I didn’t expect it to be as completely and utterly charming as it was.

The Lego Movie

The movie is framed as a little boy playing with his father’s perfectly constructed Lego sets (which is hinted at throughout the movie, but not revealed towards the end.) which accounts for the bonkers simplicity of the story. The plot is somewhere in between Joseph Campbell’s hero cycle and the episode of South Park “Best Friends Forever” where Kenny is “The Keanu Reeves.” Basically, normal guy Emmet accidentally gets drawn into the company of “The Master Builders,” and saves the world from the evil machinations of Lord/President Business.

As I thought about what adjective to use, “charming” seemed like the best one. The movie is just lovely and funny, impeccably styled, and wonderfully performed.

Ah the performances. Chris Pratt leads the way as Emmet, and really, this was Andy Dwyer as a Lego construction man. Close behind him is Charlie Day as Benny the 80’s something space man. The movie is full of jokes like that. The moment where Batman jumps into the Millenium Falcon to party with Lando and Han Solo might be the greatest moment of my entire life.

And speaking of Batman, why did it take a joke to get Will Arnett voicing him? I mean seriously, you guys, he’s the perfect pick. His normal voice sounds like a Batman voice. Anyway, he was great. Elizabeth Bank’s Wyldestyle or Lucy was also hilarious. There’s a large backstory mythology to this world that I’d love to learn more about. Why does this Superman hate this Green Lantern so much? What were some of the adventures that Nick Offerman’s Metal Beard had? Why does Virtuvius, the wizard voiced by Morgan Freeman have a complete inability to tell Gandalf and Dumbledore apart? There’s some fairly deep back story here that never gets explored but makes for some good comedy.

Any movie that uses the word “awesome” with the frequency that this one does, well, I’m in. I was charmed by The Lego Movie, I think that’s the point.


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