You’re entitled to your opinions, even when they’re wrong

Back a whole week ago, when I reviewed Fangirl, I talked about how I never really go off the beaten path when it comes to shipping. With the exception of wishing that instead of all the creepy imprinting on Bella’s baby stuff, Jacob Black had ended up with Leah Clearwater, I tend to be happy with the way that creators go. It’s their story not mine.

It’s also no surprise, that give how I feel about Princess Leia and Han Solo, that I was always a big fan of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. It was, to me, a very similar relationship plot structure, and allowed for Harry (Luke) to be focused on those things larger than their own relationships. Yes, Harry was with Ginny, but he had to put that aside for the greater good. (Kind of like Batman!) So, the Ron and Hermione relationship gets to be on it’s own.

Turns out after rethinking it, JK Rowling thinks that Hermione should have been with Harry. Which kind of sucks. I mean, there’s nothing she can do about it now, thank God, and everyone in HP fandom knows she was thinking of killing off Ron, (which I’m also glad that she didn’t do, but probably would have provided some kick ass story beats.) so if she had it to do over, she would have killed Ron and gotten Harry and Hermione together.

Let’s just all be grateful that it didn’t happen that way. OK?


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