Things I liked/hated from the Girls Premier

Girls Season 3

I love how Allison Williams just looks like Belle.

OK, so while Girls doesn’t fall under my normal scope of things that I write about, I am a 26 year old female blogger so The Internet requires me to comment on Lena Dunham’s brilliant/awful show.

I loved the first season of Girls, because I was living in Brooklyn trying to make ends meet after graduating from a liberal arts school. When the second season came around I was living at home, and not as disposed to identify why Hannah and Co. mostly because their antics seemed annoying and irresponsible rather than realistically amusing. I mean, what was Hannah thinking tossing her various roommates out like that, and running away from her crappy but existent job to go have sex with Patrick Wilson for a weekend? (OK, so that question answers itself with “have sex with Patrick Wilson for a weekend.” I’d probably murder for that opportunity…but instead of asking him to beg me to stay with him, I’d just ask him to sing “All I Ask of You.”)

Season 3 started on Sunday and here are a bunch of things that I really like.

  1. Tonally, this was much more like season 1 than season 2
  2. Adam and Hannah are serving tacos and ice cream at their dinner party, which is something I would probably do.
  3. Marnie is living at home. Thank God one of these characters is finally living at home. Even if it is terrible Marnie.
  4. Rita Wilson as Marnie’s mom. I love Rita Wilson.
  5. Shoshanna and Adam on the road trip to pick up Jessa. Everything about this plotline. It was perfect.
  6. Even Hannah now knows that Jessa is the worst. Only Shosh still needs to realize it. As a Shoshanna, I believe she will get there. We’re sunny chatty people, and thus have trouble giving up on those close to us.
  7. Adam’s ex girlfriend telling Hannah and Adam off. This was the perfect kind of awkward/funny moment that Girls does great.
  8. Ray’s face while Adam’s ex told them off. And just, well, Ray in general. He’s probably my favorite character.
  9. Hannah’s agent/publisher guy. I love how he doesn’t put up with Hannah’s crap, and doesn’t really think that she’s that special.

Things about the premier that I hated. (Because it’s Girls, and to hate it is to love it, or something.)

  1. Jessa. I hate her. And I know you’re supposed to. But there is nothing redeeming or compelling about that character. She’s just the worst.
  2. Charlie and Marnie’s break up. I understand he left the show, which good for him. But it’s a bummer, because seeing the two of them give it a shot again was something I was really looking forward to.
  3. Ray is managing a new coffee place now. RIP Grumpy’s, your comically appropriate title shall live on for always.
  4. The way that Shoshanna seems so clueless that she believes Adam’s weirdness is romantic, not toxic. I feel like after seeing Hannah and Adam for two years, plus her new sexual awakening, she’d be a little clued it. Shosh is supposed to be naive, not like, totally out there.
  5. Hannah and Shosh not calling Marnie to go on the roadtrip to pick up Jessa. Guys! Don’t leave Marnie out. Just because she and Jessa can’t stand each other, doesn’t mean that she wants to be left out! God!

Anyway, here’s to season 3! Let’s hope it’s um, well, let’s just hope things work out as the Girls continue to kind of sort of get it together, while living happily whatever after.


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