A Town Called Christmas

Doctor who christmas

Merry Christmas to all! My family’s week long crazy Christmas is just getting started. I have some awesome Tommy quotes for you guys, but you’ll have to wait until next week, because I have a weekend with other cousins coming up, and I may just do one big post on them all.

I loved “The Day of The Doctor” so much that I knew as soon as I sat down this morning to watch the DVR’d “The Time of The Doctor” I was going to be disappointed. It was inevitable. Also, as The Matt Smith Era has never terribly gripped me, unless the whole special was shown through Clara’s eyes (spoiler: It wasn’t!) I wasn’t going to be head over heals affected by this one. While it’s going to be weird to adjust to a new Doctor, and this is the first time I’m doing it in real time (when I started the show, Smith had already been in for two seasons.) I’ve been looking forward to the new incarnation since it was announced this summer.

There are plenty of straight recaps around so I’m just going to talk about the things that I liked.

  • I was glad that the events of the “The Day of The Doctor” were acknowledged and dealt with. I was really afraid that we were going to get a Moffat retcon that somehow involved River Song showing up again and, I don’t know, I was just worried. Instead, the Doctor talked thoughtfully through his upcoming death, because he was out of regenerations and the entire plot hinged on the fact that Gallifrey and the Time Lords did survive.
  • Jenna Louise Coleman is awesome. Clara has pretty much been my favorite companion since we saw her in “Asylum of The Daleks.”
  • Clara’s first encounter with The Weeping Angels. Ugh, I love them so much. They’re so terrifying and awesome.
  • The crack in the wall. In my head this was similar to The Moment choosing Rose as it’s form. The universe shaping itself to something that would immediately draw The Doctor in.
  • Clara and The Doctor flirting, I love it. I love them. I’m going to miss 11 and Clara. I really am.
  • Seeing Amy again, I thought it was manipulative and stupid and I still cried.
  • For a Moffatt/Smith Christmas special there were surprisingly few shenanigans. There were of course some shenanigans! There have to be, but again, the character development from “The Day of The Doctor” was not ignored. Hooray!
  • The removal of the bowtie, ugh, the feels. So many feels!
  • The Doctor continues to learn from River, by using regeneration as a weapon, just like she did. It’s pretty awesome.
All in all it was enjoyable, and a nice send off for Smith. Most of my friends who are huge 11 fans really loved it. So I guess it was a success. Now we wait for August…sigh.

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