2013 Movie Season Wrap-Up

When I decided to take on the monumental task of going to see movies I wanted to see anyway, then writing about them so as not to bore my friends and family, then ranking them, I didn’t expect to learn much. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t drop out of writing entirely, and have something to do on my days off.

I did learn a few things. I learned how to turn off my preferences, for the most part and look at a movie critically. I learned that no matter how much I try, I will always find Star Trek just a little boring, and no matter how talented he is, I will never be attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch. I learned that most people don’t really care if a story decides to stay perfectly true to it’s source material, if that source material ends with all the good people dying. I learned that there’s nothing wrong with sometimes just taking things at face value, because sometimes, a giant robot is just fighting a giant monster because it’s cool, and it doesn’t have to mean more than that, and sometimes it’s just awesome when Ben Affleck feeds a guy to a crocodile.

So, here’s how this is going to go, the final rankings first:

1. Pacific Rim

2. Runner, Runner

3. The Great Gatsby

4. The World’s End

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

6. Salinger

7. Kick Ass 2

8. The Butler

9. Man of Steel

10. Don Jon

11. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

12. The Wolverine

13. Thor: The Dark World

14. Iron Man 3

15. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

16. Despicable Me 2

17. Star Trek Into Darkness

18. Elysium

19. Monster’s University

20. After Earth

OK, so that’s that. I’m going to give out some awards now, hooray! The awards may not jive exactly with the rankings. I ask you to be patient with me on this. I’ll explain each as I go through them.

Best Superhero Movie:

5 out of the 20 movies I saw were based around super heroes. That’s an absurdly high percentage. And even though it didn’t get the highest ranking in the total list, I’m giving this one to Man of Steel.

Kick Ass 2 was ranked higher, and I still think it was a better movie, but it wasn’t a better superhero movie. Man of Steel, which I’ve written about, talked to death and defended wins that. Before this summer I was not a big fan of Superman. At all. I liked Smallville and tolerated the Superman movie. Then, after Man of Steel, and frankly, Justice League: Unlimited I made a conscious effort to get to know the character better. I have, and I am so into him that he might even outrank Captain America as my number 3 favorite.

I’m kidding. The top three is Batman, Nightwing and Captain America. But he’s very close.

Honorable mention goes to Iron Man 3 because giving Pepper superpowers warms my heart.

Best Adaption of A Novel:

Next biggest Category! 4 out 20. And again this one goes not to the highest rank on the list. I loved Gatsby, but it didn’t hold up on multiple viewings. Granted, I haven’t actually watched any of the others more times yet. (Mortal Instruments comes out this week! SQUEE!) But still. The winner goes to the final entry:

Catching Fire

A faithful adaptation of my favorite book in the series? Check. Still thinking about it nearly a week after seeing it? Double Check. Hemsoworth? Checkity Check Check. It wins.

Honorable Mention: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, for redeeming it’s predecessor and reminding me why I love that series just in time for the new book!

Best “True” Story:

3 in this category. And the winner is Salinger. (Again, away from the rankings.) This is because it was less manipulative than The Butler, and probably more true than Runner, Runner.

Honorable Mention: Runner, Runner because yeah.

Best Comedy:

This was tough, because I didn’t watch many comedies and the ones I did didn’t really stick out for me. But this one goes along with the ranking, and it’s definitely The World’s End. It was such a tight and fun story, and I hope that Edgar Wright decides to put Simon Pegg in Ant Man, because really. He should do that.

Honorable Mention: Despicable Me 2. I had a 103 fever and bronchitis when I saw it and I still loved it.

Biggest Pleasant Surprise:

There’s a three way tie here, and it’s all performance based. Those performances go to Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim, Tobey Maguire in The Great Gatsby and Tom Hiddleston in Thor: The Dark World,

Hunnam because I didn’t think that he was going to be any good at all, Maguire because I wanted him to be good and didn’t know if he would be and Hiddleston because I knew he would be awesome but I didn’t expect him to pick up the movie and run away with it.

Biggest Unpleasant Surprise.

After Earth. I wanted to love this movie. And it was so bad. *Sigh* I’m going to just keep regretting picking it over Now You See Me for a little while longer.

Biggest Duh Moment:

Another tie! The first is Jaimie Alexander as Sif in Thor: The Dark World. God, she was so great! If it weren’t for Hiddleston she might have been the best part of the whole movie. The next was finding out that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in Star Trek Into Darkness was Khan. Apparently this was supposed to be a twist. Which is hilarious, since I know next to nothing about Star Trek and was still able to say, “yeah, but that guy is Khan right?” when I saw the trailer.

So thanks for hanging on to this year’s movie season! I had a really good time, and I hope that you all enjoyed reading or watching with me. I’ll see you next movie season, which will kick off with The Amazing Spider-Man 2…Since I found the original really boring and derivative, we’ll see if I like this one at all…

Also, since certain movies outside of movie season still bare being reviewed. Frozen, The Hobbit, Saving Mr. Banks and Captain America: Winter Soldier will probably get reviewed.


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