Wonder Gal

So, some more casting news for Man Of Steel: Guys, We Really Don’t Want To Just Make A Superman Movie, came out yesterday. We’ve learned that Gal Godot will be playing Wonder Woman in the movie.

Here she is being badass and pointing a gun

Here she is being badass and pointing a gun

I had no idea who she was except that she isn’t Jaimie Alexander, which is a strike against her. But here are some things that are cool about her that I found out thanks to Google and IMDB:

1. She was on an episode of Entourage. I think she was Drama’s date to the Gatsby premier. I don’t remember her, but that’s one  of my favorite episodes. (It’s a really strong Eric/Sloane episode.) Also, it’s an Entourage connection to this movie.

We're getting closer!

We’re getting closer!

2. She was Miss Israel in 2010. I dig that she’s actually Mediterranean, even if it’s from the wrong side of the sea. I think that’ll add something to the part. Also, like all Israelis, she’s done her mandatory military service. She’s an actual warrior woman and probably knows Krav Maga.

3. She’s incredibly beautiful. Like, gorgeous. But a little skinny. She needs to bulk up for Diana.

This look would be good, but she needs boobs.

This look would be good, but she needs boobs.

I am thinking that this movie is starting to get a little crowded though. I mean, throwing the big three at us all at once is a tough sell. And Wonder Woman isn’t quite Batman. I’ve mentioned before that I’m glad we don’t have to do Batman’s origin story again.

But generally, I think we do need to be introduced to Diana. Her deal isn’t quite as widely known, and also has never been done on the big screen. And are we doing the shaped from clay and struck by lightening origin? Or the Hypolyta got it on with Zeus origin? Is her heroism going to begin traditionally, with Steve Trevors stumbling across Paradise Island and her following him? Or can we get a little of the Odyssey story line? (I loved Wonder Woman: Odyssey.) Or the DCAU thing where she decides she can help in man’s world and runs away to do it? Do you see why she needs her own movie here?

Mostly what I’m afraid will wind up happening is that they’ll introduce her in Man Of Steel: Not About Him At All and then use it as an excuse to skip the Wonder Woman movie entirely. DC and Warner Brothers have been putting this off for years. They’ve shuffled it off to a poorly thought out TV pilot. They fired Joss Whedon. (His proposed version, apparently written for Lauren Graham is one of my biggest regrets in “Movies We’ll Never See” land. It probably would have been incredible.) I don’t know if it’s sexism, or fear, or disorganization, or what, but that Rocket Raccoon is hitting the big screen next year and we don’t even have a release date for Wonder Woman is a little bit ridiculous.

Get it together DC and Warner Brothers. You’re embarrassing yourself in front of the other conglomerates.

Anyway, I’m still pretty sure this is going to be my favorite movie of 2015. Considering that we’re getting a Pixar movie, a new Star Wars, Avengers: Age of Ultron, that year I’m putting a lot of pressure on it.

But I rewatched Man of Steel, and loved it even more the second time. I continue to believe that Ben Affleck is the guy. I want this movie to be good. I want a cohesive DC Film Universe like the Marvel one. I want a Flash movie, and a Justice League movie, and I want a Wonder Woman movie more than anything.

Well, maybe not anything

Well, maybe not anything


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