Thanksgiving Conversations

A lot of people look forward to different things on Thanksgiving. They look forward to the food, the parade, the football. I look forward to those and a few more specific things. The classic rock radio station in the New York area, Q104.3, counts down the top 1,043 rock songs over Thanksgiving weekend, and we always listen. It’s a lot of fun. After Thursday dinner with my mom’s side of the family, we head up to Connecticut with my dad’s side, hike up a mountain and cut down our Christmas tree. (This is followed by more eating. But the first part is very LL Bean.)

But my favorite part of Thanksgiving is that the wine flows, and I wind up having circuitous and deep and very important conversations with my cousins.

For example, a few years ago, my cousin DJ and I planned our double wedding to Diana Agron and Mark Saling. (It was Glee’s first season. Puck and Quinn were very important to us at the time.)

Once someone picked up the Rolling Stone Top 100 guitar players issue and hours were spent trying to decide if Clapton should have been number one.

Very important things get discussed, is the point.

This year, it went to my cousin Tommy. He walked in and hugged me. We haven’t really spoken in a while, since he’s just started Notre Dame. As the day went on we spent what felt like half the night discussing the upcoming Justice League movie attempts.

Tommy: But who’s the villain in Justice League going to be?
Me: I don’t know, Darkseid probably. I mean, no one else is really strong enough.
Tommy: Yeah, but wouldn’t it be great if well, I mean, if it was someone like Starro?
Me: Yeah, except for that Starro sucks.
Tommy: But that’s why it would be great!

Me: I’m just curious as to who The Flash villain is going to be. I mean, I guess it has to be Captain Cold. He’s the only one who isn’t completely ridiculous.
Tommy: Yeah, I mean, it could be Captain Boomerang.
Me: Being Australian isn’t a power! I know you’re just supposed to name a characteristic and like robbing banks and then boom, you’ve got a Flash Rogue, but still.
Tommy: They did sort of skip a step there.

Me: I am disappointed that Green Lantern isn’t going to count, because Ryan Reynolds is such a good choice for Hal Jordan.
Tommy: True, but now it doesn’t have to be Hal. It could be John Stewart!
Me: Or Guy Gardner.
Tommy: No. Not Guy. Guy is terrible. We can see Guy, but he can’t be the Lantern on the team.
Me: Kyle Rainer would be interesting too.
Tommy: I just want it to be the Justice League cartoon. So then it has to be John.
Me: Tommy, you can’t put Hawkgirl in a movie.
Tommy: True, so you can sub her out with Aquaman, it’s fine.

Then Bobby, Tommy’s younger brother joined in. We’d left the potential DCFU and were talking about Batman.

Me: Well, I mean, there’s Battle For The Cowl, and Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn, which are my favorites.
Bobby: What happens there?
Me: Um, well, in Final Crisis Darkseid kills Bruce, but not really, he just sends him back in time. Then, well, Dick and Tim decide there won’t be a Batman, and Jason decides he’s going to be Batman, but he also starts just killing people, like all the time. So then the three of them all put on Batman suits, and fight. It’s ridiculously awesome.
Tommy: But Dick wins right?
Me: Yeah, well, kind of by default, because Tim doesn’t actually want to be Batman. But then Damian Wayne becomes Robin.
Bobby: Wait? That’s Bruce’s son.
Me: With Talia…I’m not doing it justice. But it’s amazing.
Mary (My sister): Why did Batman name is his kid “Damian?”
Me: He didn’t, Talia did. Ra’s Al Ghul means “The Demon’s Head” so, Damian, Demon.
Tommy: Comics, man. Comics.

Me: I just want a Wonder Woman movie out of this deal. But now that Whedon can’t do it, I’m worried.
Tommy: Haha, could you imagine Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman?
Me: I’d really rather not. They really just need to rip off Thor. This isn’t that difficult.

Tommy: I mean, we know it’s Luthor right? For the next movie? We know that?
Me: We know it, but we don’t know it. I’m excited. Any time there’s Bruce and Lex interaction, I just love it.
Tommy: Well, it’s just a pissing contest. “I am good looking, brilliant and wealthy!” “No, I am good looking, brilliant and wealthy!” It doesn’t get better than that.

Me: It’s going to be called, Man of Steel : Knightfall or something else stupid.
Tommy: They have the opportunity to name this movie Batman VS. Superman, they should be calling it that.

This final statement is the main reason why 19 year old boys should not be allowed to make any decisions that actually effect reality…or possibly why they should make all of the decisions.

Either way, this prolonged conversation had become one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving memories.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Conversations

    • Haha, what’s funnier is that Damian Wayne looks like this:

      and John Stewart looks like this:

      Soo, actually it would maybe be the opposite? Also, I think a Wayans was up for Robin back in the Tim Burton days. (And people say Batfleck is a bad idea, OY!) So that just makes it funnier!


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