New York Comic Con – First Contact

I’d never been to a Con before this weekend, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had a picture in my head of the opening and closing scenes of Chasing Amy, so I thought I might see Jason Lee arguing about whether inkers deserved as much credit as artists and writers, but beyond that, I had no idea.

I went dressed as Supergirl and Aless as Wonder Woman, (we were also Shadowhunters for a few hours, and she was Clara Oswin Oswald whenever we saw a Doctor to take pictures with.)

Over on my facebook page, I’m going to be posting pictures as I track them down, but it really was a great time!

I’m a terrible reporter and really just did a lot of chatting and not a lot of asking real questions or note taking, but here’s the philosophy that we spent the weekend espousing:

Photo Booth

That’s not to say that Aless and I are abnormal people, but it’s cook to go someplace where we can let our guard down. While I don’t have much of a filter anyway, I mean, if someone shows the slightest interest in something I like, I’ll babble to them about it for at least five minutes, maybe more. (God forbid any one say the word “Nightwing” around me. We’ll all lose a few hours.) But at Comic Con, there’s no reason for that. You can be, say waiting on line to get your picture taken with John Barrowman.



And someone notices that you’ve got a Camp Jupiter button on your lanyard and you can spend the rest of the time in line talking about how much you all love Percy Jackson and no one will get bored, no one’s eyes glaze over. Or say you you’re waiting to get your special edition of Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth signed by Claudio Sanchez, Chondra Echert and Travis Stever.



And you and the guys in front of you talk about the different shows you went to, and your favorite songs and their Coheed tattoos and how import Chondra is to the group and you don’t have anyone asking, “Wait? Who?”

Or you can sit in a room with almost one thousand other people, a few of whom stand up to a mic and say the same thing that you were thinking. “Um, before my question, I’d just like to thank Bruce Timm for everything, I mean, all of the work is so amazing.”

It’s like a building full of people who agree to be on the same page for a few days, and that’s such an incredible feeling.

So thank you to everyone who was in The Javits Center this weekend. I had an amazing time and learned so much. Can’t wait to do it again!


3 thoughts on “New York Comic Con – First Contact

  1. So I randomly found your blog through a goggle search and I was wondering if you had any camp jupiter stuff! I have an extra camp halfblood button and a house of hades bookmark if you’d be willing to trade for the camp halfblood and camp jupiter lanyards and the camp jupiter button! 🙂


    • I only have the one camp jupiter button and one camp half blood button and I want to hang on to the set, but thanks for the offer! If I had extras I’d totally trade. My friend and I were soooo bummed when they were out of lanyards by the time we got there. Good luck on your search and thanks for stopping by!


      • Ah well, I figured I’d ask! Yeah, they were out of lanyards within the first few days! I wish I would have been smart enough to ask for a Jupiter button, but the lady was so nice that she gave me 2 Half-Blood ones, even though they hadn’t put them out yet.


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