Back in The Game: Despicable Me 2 continues the cute

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me was one of the best surprises I’ve ever had. I expected the movie to be a sort of loud, colorful distraction.

Which it was, but it was also heartfelt, and really very funny. Steve Carrell’s voice performance as Gru is one of the best comic creations from this genius.

Despicable Me 2 follows in the same vein. Gru has settled in to life as a single father to his adorable girls, Margot, Edith and Agnes. The girls are getting a little grown up. Sharp as a tack Margot is starting to get interested in boys, tom boy Edith has developed her ninja skills, and imaginative little Agnes has started to understand that unicorns and fairies aren’t real, but still thinks that it’s fun to pretend.

After throwing a princess themed birthday party for Agnes, that ends with Gru dressing up as a fairy princess (the actress he hired cancelled at the last minute and he couldn’t stand to see his little girl disappointed), our hero/villain is abducted by Agent Lucy Wyatt of The Anti Villain League. The AVL has decided to recruit Gru to help them investigate and detain someone who has been developing a dangerous mutagen. They need someone who can understand how a villain thinks.

Lucy is voiced by Kristin Wiig, and she’s very lovable. She and Gru of course end up together after some complications. I enjoyed Wiig’s performance, even though, as an SNL watcher, I grew tired of her schtick about three years ago.

(Seriously, by the time Bridesmaids came out, I was like, “ugh, more of this?”)

Gru’s little yellow minions remain the stars of this show, though. Their antics are just funny enough to not be annoying, and they are central to the villain, El Macho’s plot.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in this movie, and the ending, where Agnes gets up, clears her throat and announces that she “would like to make some toast,” is one of the most accurate portrayals of little kid behavior I have ever seen.


Missed them AGAIN, this time because I walked into the wrong theater in the multiplex and got myself settled in. My show started at 11:15, and it was 11:20, and the theater was still totally empty…then I looked at my ticket.

I did catch Ender’s Game again. I’m still psyched for it.


1. Pacific Rim

2. The Great Gatsby

3. Man of Steel

4. The Wolverine

5. Iron Man 3

6. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

7. Despicable Me 2

8. Star Trek Into Darkness

9. Monsters University

10. After Earth.


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