RIP Cory Monteith

I had every intention of recapping The Newsroom today. I was going to in to awesome insane detail about Sorkin’s decision to continue plagiarizing himself, (I love when he does that), Allison Pill’s hair, the fact that I think Olivia Munn looks too skinny (eat some pie lady! I’ve read your book I know you love it.), but instead I decided to not let the passing of Corey Monteith be ignored by this blog.

I was stunned and sad when I heard about the death of the 31 year old actor. It’s always sad when someone dies in an untimely way, even someone you’ve never met. But when it’s an artist (I use the term loosely here, as in “one who participates in the arts”) who’s work you’ve connected with, then it hits kind of hard.

I’ve watched Glee since it premiered, and I’ve always liked the way that Cory Monteith played Finn Hudson. Finn is an everyman and Cory looked and acted like one. (I mean, a more attractive one, because, this is television). He sang well, but not insanely well and he and Lea Michelle always looked quite sweet together and I loved when they sang duets.

I’m not going to get super elegiac here. Really, I just wanted to mark this by saying it’s a shame that someone with some talent and a chance to make it lost his life.

Also, I’m probably not going to watch Glee next season. Not because I thought Finn was such an awesome and intergral character anymore. The show could go on without him, and if Monteith had quit or been fired, I would have been fine, but because Glee doesn’t really handle “sensitive” terribly well. They think they do, which is nice, I guess. They’re very well intentioned. But it always winds up feeling like I’m being beat over the head with a hammer.

Also, if they don’t use this as an opportunity for Chris Colfer and Matthew Morrison to sing “Fire and Rain,” they’re making a huge mistake.




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