Fear is A Choice: An After Earth  Review

Just got in from checking out After Earth, which despite seeming like it was going to be a huge deal, was actually a totally small movie.

I did pee my pants a little in excitement when I saw this poster for the first time.

I did pee my pants a little in excitement when I saw this poster for the first time.

The premise of the movie is almost ridiculously simple. In the distant future after the earth is used up, human kind leaves and settles new worlds. It’s like Firefly, but with fewer hand guns. The aliens of one of said world bred monsters to defend themselves/kill all humans. Those monsters are called Ursas and don’t have eyes or ears, just glands that allow them to smell the pheromone that causes fear. Because of this the elite human police force known as Rangers develop a technique called ghosting where they suppress fear. The greatest ghoster of all time is General Cypher Raige. (That is a killer symbolic Sci Fi name right there.) His son Kitai dreams of becoming a ranger and a ghost himself.

I was excited to see this movie not because of it’s borderline idiotic premise. I was really excited to see Will Smith and his son Jaden fight aliens together.

That’s not exactly what I saw, but it was still good. Basically it was Jaden running through a jungle while Will gave him orders. It was fun. The CGI animals that he runs from looked a little cheesy and the script is very bare.

The movie’s biggest problem is that while Jaden Smith is very talented and totally adorable, he lacks his father’s unbelievable charm and charisma on camera. So when they shared screen time Jaden was completely overshadowed. This worked for the first half of the movie, when Kitai is terrified of his father, but once he comes in his own in the second half that goes away.

Summer Movie Season Rankings:

  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. Iron Man 3
  3. After Earth
  4. Star Trek Into Darkness

Trailers! Oh there were some good ones today.

The Mortal Instruments should be incredible. Everything looks vibrant and fun and amazing. Not to mention Rachel Weisz is playing Jocelyn. I love the decision to have Jace and Jocelyn have British accents (since they were raised in Alicante) and Clary and The Lightwoods have American. (Raised in New York) Also I love that Magnus Bane is only barely hinted at in the trailer. He’s such an important character but he sneaks up on you.

Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters: It’s like they knew I was coming! Anyway, I didn’t much care for The Lightening Thief but I loved the casting and it looks like they nailed it again, casting Nathan Fillion as Hermes. In Olympians Hermes is mostly a light character until the final installment where he kind of unravels. Fillion will be great at that as it’s his specialty.

I want Pacific Rim to be good because I really want both Charlie Day and Charlie Hunnam to be absurdly famous. It will probably be really stupid though.


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