It’s been a year since I started. I’m pretty happy with how this all has gone, but there are some people I really need to thank:

My family, who share a house with me and sometimes listen to me babble on for long strands about topics they care nothing about in order to work out ideas. All 4 of you are amazing and I love you endlessly. Especially Mom, who has admitted to not reading, but always likes every facebook post, so that it shows up on her friend’s newsfeeds.

My friends, but in a very special way Chrissy, Katherine and John. You guys are endlessly funny, and I know you’ve probably recognized your words and conversations in these posts.  Also, I’m sorry for internet outing you Chrissy, and thanks for forgiving me! I’ll miss you so much when you leave the Garden State this summer, but there will have to be many road trips. And Katherine, when you introduce me to your writer, actor and director friends as “My friend Reenie, she’s a writer too!” it always makes my night. So please keep doing that. And I’ll keep the faith alive that someone will give Sophia Bush a role worthy of her. Also, I’ll introduce you to my friends as a director, because you are and you’re kick ass at it! John, I’ll try to not call you a sexist again, but I’m not making any promises. And I promise to not be too effusive in my praise of Man of Steel, because I’m probably going to love it, and you’re probably going to hate it, and we’re going to have to deal with that.

My coworkers & bosses at the hotel. I don’t know if any of you guys read this, but if you do, you basically saved my sanity these past six months. I felt on the edge about to lose it before you came in to my life. Especially my boss. Seriously, if you hadn’t hired me, I don’t know what exactly I would have done, and I’m really glad I’ll never have to find out.

Thanks to Daniel O’Brien, everyone who is at all involved in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm and everyone else who made the DCAU, Joss Whedon and the Nolan brothers for giving me so much amazing stuff to write about in the past year. And DOB, I’m still single…just throwing it out there.

And finally, a big thank you to YOU, all you who are reading, and commenting and liking. Thanks for hitting the follow button.

One of these days I am going to finish watching Buffy. I really, really will.

But for now, just thanks, and we’re headed in to a new year. We’ve got a new season of Arrested Development, an amazing movie season which includes the movie of City of Bones (we will have so much fun untangling the crazy web that is The Mortal Instruments…)Game of Thrones to finish, The Newsroom to begin, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary (The return of David Tennant! SQUEE!) and a new Thor movie to discuss. It’s going to be a good one!

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