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Thor The Dark World

I’ve been thinking as more details about Thor: The Dark World come in to focus, that it is becoming abundantly clear that this movie will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first attempt at a love triangle, in the form of Sif/Thor/Jane Foster. I mean, it’s the first if you don’t count Pepper/Tony/Tony’s Ego (I sort of half count it.)

I’m excited for this development for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that I love love triangles. I just adore them. Bring on your Dawson/Joey/Pacey, your Jack/Kate/Sawyer, your Brandon/Kelly/Dylan, your Kelly/Dylan/Brenda. I want your Edward/Bella/Jacob, your Ron/Hermione/Viktor Krum, your Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur, your Galinda/Fiyero/Elphaba. I want them all. I thirst for love triangles and drink deeply from them analyzing the good and bad aspects of each relationship, as if I were choosing a college I, in fact, probably put more thought in to deciding if I was Team Jack or Team Sawyer than I did into choosing a college. For the record I am actually Team Sawyer/Juliet. Kate can suck it.

“Well, I understand that Edward is her soulmate, but Jacob is alive and her dad loves him!”

“Sure, Dylan had a vision quest where he saw that he and Kelly were married in a past life and that’s great, but Brandon actually bought her an engagement ring and hid it in roller blades and that’s adorable!”

I have these conversations, sometimes with friends, usually with myself.

But I’m particularly excited about this one because of the characters involved. Obviously, I don’t love the character of Jane Foster. I mean, she’s fine. I just really hate Natalie Portman.

I don't care how many Oscars she wins. She can't erase these "love" scenes

I don’t care how many Oscars she wins. She can’t erase these “love” scenes

But I appreciate that all three characters, Sif, Thor and Jane are all autonomous individuals with their own personal goals and motivations outside of their love story. Sif has her service as a soldier to Asgard. Thor has his whole quest to protect the nine realms thing. Jane is a scientist, she has her research. No one’s world is going to fall apart because their romantic desires are unfulfilled and that’s a cool and very different way to go in to a love triangle.

So, kudos, MCU, for doing that. You get a big old feminist high five from me for this one.

Now, if you could follow this up with Cap/Black Widow/Hawkeye in The Avengers 2, I will be one seriously happy lady.

Just saying.

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