Bats Like Us, Baby we were born to run

There’s a little nugget of information floating around the net right now, that I can’t ignore. Also, it’s important to note that it has actually been months since I wrote about Batman.

I'm proud of me too!

I’m proud of me too!

But how on earth was I supposed to ignore that fact that Gotham City has officially been placed in New Jersey by an old DC Universe encyclopedia?

You have to understand how great this news is to someone like me.

I mean, someone who has lived her entire life as a New Jersey resident, and loves Batman. (As I may have mentioned a million times) Someone who takes pride in the famous residents of her state, be they real, like Bruce Springsteen, Kevin Smith or The Cake Boss or fictional, like Holden McNeil, that guy who lives in the bottom of the ravine in Garden State, and now Batman!

Look, that the Caped Crusader is one of us kind of makes a lot of sense. We’re notorious for our short tempers, our low tolerance for bullshit and our inability to deal with our feelings in healthy head on ways.

We elected this man!

We elected this man!

Bruce Wayne’s Jersey Strong-ness makes perfect sense. Also, he fights the mafia. We have that here!

In case you were wondering

In case you’ve been asleep for the past ten years, there was a fairly successful television show about it.

We also have muggers and well, maybe we don’t have flamboyant idiotic criminals with stupid aliases, but most of the other stuff, we totally have.

Wait! These guys could totally be Batman villains!

Wait! We have those too! Please beat them to pulp for us Batman!

And so, in my small way, I am deeply excited to welcome The Dark Knight to the pantheon of amazing fictional New Jerseysians.

I bet Brody from Mallrats is about to explode from happiness right now.


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