Bradshaw Begins

Anna-Sophia Robb is adorable

Anna-Sophia Robb is adorable

I’m totally hooked on The Carrie Diaries. 

I know I shouldn’t be.

I know that I’m about ten years older than it’s target audience.

I even realized about two years ago that I didn’t even like Sex and The City that much anymore. (I have a theory that HBO broke my generation, but that’s another story.)

Carrie Bradshaw really annoys me. Like in a big way. Why in Sex and The City: 2 is she exhibiting the same behaviors that she did in season 1 of the show? Didn’t she grow at all? Her friends certainly did. Charlotte let go of her neurosis and desire for a perfect life. Miranda learned how to enjoy herself and have genuine feelings. Samantha…um, well, OK, maybe Samantha didn’t change either, except maybe become a cartoon of herself.

But for some reason I adore The Carrie Diaries. Yes, it totally contradicts some of the background information we have on Carrie from the original series. She has a sister? What happened to this sister? Why do we never see her? Why isn’t she even at Carrie and Big’s wedding? I mean, seriously WTF? Her mother died, and her father raised her? But while Miranda is pregnant, she talks about her father walking out on her and her mother.

I can’t help but wonder…are there two Carrie Bradshaws? The annoying neurotic mess we all came to know and tolerate, and this adorable teenager who I’d totally have been friends with in high school?

I also looked out my window wistfully as I wondered...OK no I didn't

I also looked out my window wistfully as I wondered…OK no I didn’t

I’m going with yes. I’m taking a comics multi-verse type approach to this situation. There exist, in fact, several iterations of the SATC universe. There is, of course, the original print version, Candace Bushnell’s columns written for The New York Observer, which were then published as the book Sex and The City  in 1997, that will be called SATC 1. After that came the HBO and movie version, henceforth known as SATC 2. In 2010 the novel The Carrie Diaries was published. I haven’t read it. I actually don’t really like Bushnell’s writing all that much, even though I admire what she’s built for herself. But I imagine that she didn’t contradict herself too much, so I’m going to assume that The Carrie Diaries lines up pretty well as an origin story for SATC 1.

Now, one would assume, then, in that case that The Carrie Diaries, the TV show, would line up with SATC 2, right? Except it doesn’t at all. For the reasons I laid out for you and a few others (Carrie’s family, her socio economic circumstances, her deep relationships with her high school friends. Friends mean everything to Carrie Bradshaw, why would she just drop ones as amazing as Mouse, Maggie and Walt?)

AWESOME! Seriously, they're just fabulous

AWESOME! Seriously, they’re just fabulous

I think that this is a new version entirely, a third Carrie, The Carrie Diaries, sets up SATC 3,  a version where Carrie isn’t quite so selfish and impossible as she is in SATC 2, but hopefully where she still winds up  married to Mr. Big, unlike in SATC 1. 

They're assholes, but they're perfect for each other

They’re assholes, but they’re perfect for each other

Also, SATC 3 might be the best one because, well, it’s been engineered by Josh Schwartz, and he’s good at this kind of thing, and Freema Ageyma is there and she’s pretty awesome.

Also I’m pretty sure aliens have invaded The CW and that’s why Captain Jack Harkness and Martha Jones are both working there, trying to contain the threat until the Doctor can get around to it…

It's the only possible explanation

It’s the only possible explanation

But again, that’s another story.


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