Let Me Be Your Star

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The new season of Smash starts tomorrow and I really couldn’t be more excited.

To fully understand how much I love Smash there are a few things that you should know about me.

  1. I am a life long theatre geek. My parents went to go see Les Miserables on London’s West End while my mother was pregnant with me. It left it’s mark. I grew up in the 90’s, my entire generation understands the traditional book musical instinctively thanks to Disney. One of my earliest  childhood memories is my father allowing me to stay up late one Sunday night and watch West Side Story on TV with him. I have similar memories of My Fair Lady, and Funny Girl, but West Side is always and will always be first.
  2. My friend Katherine and I were probably more disappointed in Glee‘s descent into mediocrity and then terribleness than any other two people in the world. We loved Glee’s first season fiercely. We loved it’s characters for another season. We mourn it now, even though it isn’t really over yet.
  3. I love primetime soaps. Just love ’em. Can’t get enough. I’ve mentioned that on here before.
  4. I loved Will & Grace. I loved everything about it.
  5. When Smash premiered this time last year, (And it was almost exactly a year ago, the Monday after the Superbowl) I was living in Brooklyn, with my uncles, my father’s youngest brother Mark, my beloved godfather, and his partner Richard. They are probably the two people I love most in the world besides my parents and brother and sister. Mark is a theatrical set designer, and Richard a major music geek. They own a bar in Park Slope. I was looking for my own apartment (I eventually found one, it was kind of a disaster.) Mark and I used to watch TV together every night, the way I do with my mom now that I live home.

So, this all ads up to the fact that I am super duper excited for tomorrow’s season premier of Smash. I loved Season 1. I loved it’s sudsy awesome goodness, I loved the original music. I loved Megan Hilty as Ivy Lynne. (I still love her) It got me more in to Marilyn than I’ve ever been, having always been a Grace and Audrey girl. I hated  Karen Cartwright (played by Kat McPhee), except that you can’t hate Karen, because there’s nothing to hate, she’s just vapor.

But good God! This season should be great. Jennifer Hudson, Jesse L. Martin and Sean Hayes are going to be guest stars.

This will once again, maybe be a thing. The universe must love me a little!

Julia’s stupid affair, boring marriage and annoying son are probably out of the picture. Ellis, the horrifying creepy stalker worst character ever has been written out. As has Karen’s boyfriend Dev, who was adorable, but just took screen time away from Ivy and Derek throwing plates at each other or other overly dramatic activities they could have been engaging in. Sam and Tom are going to be the “functional couple” of this show. (The Naley, or the Carla/Turk, The Tom and Lynette or the Chandler and Monica. Every show needs one. At least every good show) We’re apparently going to be getting a leaner, meaner, more awesome Smash.

And even if we don’t, I can always just listen to “Second Hand White Baby Grand,” on my Ipod and weep for a while.

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