I started watching Gossip Girl about five episodes of the first season. The first episode I watched was the episode where Blair does that strip tease and then loses her virginity to Chuck in the limo.

God, remember how awesome this show was?

I was immediately hooked, watched the episodes I’d missed, started wearing headbands almost constantly (and just dressing like Blair generally. I was 23 before I decided basing all of my wardrobe choices on a fictional 16 year old was not my best bet.)

I stopped watching the show when Blair and Dan was clearly going to be a thing. (To quote my friend Crystan, “I miss the old Blair, who wouldn’t even spit on Dan Humphrey, and now she’s having sex with him? This is stupid.”) But I’d decided to watch the final season. So today, my mom and I caught up on said final season.

OK, I know that the show started out really twisted, right? I mean, the premise was initially that Serena came home from boarding school because her gay brother tried to commit suicide. (Remember when Erik was like, a character?) However, she had to deal with the fact that she deflowered Nate, her best friend Blair’s boyfriend right before she left for school. Also, Dan had a crush on her, which was complicated by the fact that her mother Lily, and his father Rufus were soulmates, and that she didn’t know he existed. Also, Chuck tried to rape Serena and Dan’s little sister Jenny.

And that was just the pilot. By the end of the first season Serena and Dan had gotten together and broken up like 7 times, Eric and Jenny had dated the same boy, Lily had married Chuck’s father Bart, and Blair had a pregnancy scare, but who was the Daddy, Chuck or Nate? As time went on things went totally bonkers, Blair had more pregnancy scares, Chuck died, but didn’t really and worked in a cafe with Fleur Delacour, and had sex with Jenny.

Anyway, currently, Nate is opening his own newspaper, (because yes, he’s just Brandon Walsh, basically) Dan has decided to take everyone down, Erik moved to the Hamptons and is straight (Revenge is the new Gossip Girl anyway, but even better!), and Serena is dating Matt Camden, who has a daughter who attends the girl’s old school and is dating Nate. Also, Chuck and Blair have some sort of pact about how they’re not going to be together until they each accomplish something, but they also aren’t going to sleep with other people. This is great, because we get all of that great Blair and Chuck sexual tension without all of the angst.

I really can’t wait for the show to end, but it’s gotten pretty stupid and diluted as time went on. I was amused by the first three episodes of this season, glad to see Nelly Yuki return and thrilled when she told Dan to give up already and just do his own thing. Years ago I said this, “You know, Gossip Girl is really easy. Serena should be with Nate, Blair should be with Chuck and Dan should be on another show.”

Anyway, you know love me.



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