Put The Blame Where It Belongs

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Rewatch: Week 6: Part 1

I’ve been putting off watching this week because of how badly I didn’t want to watch “Wild At Heart.” This episode gives me a stomachache in a big bad way.

So sad.

I hate and love this episode. I hate it because I love Willow and Oz and it’s so heartbreaking, and I love it because I love Allison Hannigan and Seth Green and they’re both so amazing in it.

I was jolted back in to it on Tuesday, when I watched Can’t Hardly Wait in the morning Mary and I watched Goldmember in the afternoon and I was reminded of how seriously great Seth Green is. Yes, I know I’ve already sang his praises, but it’s kind of too hard not to, especially watching everyone else be fairly lackluster in Season 4.

But instead, I’ll shift my praise over to Hannigan. She really is so remarkably great, in such an understated way. The other day I was watching the season 1 episode of How I Met Your Mother where Lily and Marshal break up, which is a clear example of why HIMYM really should have been a completely different show about this young committed couple and how they deal with their group of entirely single friends, and their one friend who wears lots of suits.

Basically Ted should be out of the equation.

But it was also a reminder of how good Hannigan is at crying, which is not easy, crying is one of those acting things that people are either good at, or they’re Natalie Portman. (Shut up, I know she’s an Oscar winner and amazing and everything, but she is terrible at crying.) Then when I finally watched “Wild At Heart” and am now watching “The Initiative,” I was reminded again.

Also, I may have cried a little. Because I hate that Willow and Oz are over. Even if that means that Tara and Willow is coming, it still makes me sad.

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