Partners : A CSD Sufferer’s Nightmare

Tonight I finally got around to watching an episode of the new CBS sitcom Partners.

This show seems to have been designed for me

As I’ve stated before, I suffer from a highly advanced case of Character Separation Disorder, or CSD. Basically, this means that I have trouble separating actors from the characters they play. (This is why I still call Katie Holmes “Joey Potter.”)

Partners is a veritible nightmare of CSD difficulties.

Basically, the premise of Partners is as follows:

The Smart Guy from Numbers is best friends and business partners with The Gay Assistant from Ugly Betty, The Smart Guy from Numbers also happens to be engaged to The Slutty/Awesome Girl from One Tree Hill. The Gay Assistant from Ugly Betty doesn’t like this one bit and it totally effects his relationship with his live in boyfriend, Superman, negatively.

And they all speak in the same kind of funny pop culture laden quick speak that The Uber Cool New Yorkers on Will & Grace always used.

Look, I get it, David Krumholtz, Michael Urie, Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh are actors. They are now on a sitcom from the creators of Will & Grace.  I love the collective work of all of these actors. (I mean I don’t love Superman Returns, but I did love Routh in it) I should love this show, but my overly saturated pop culture brain can’t quite process it. Maybe after watching a few more episodes I’ll be able to, because it’s actually quite promising.

But somehow, I think that Charlie and Brooke, and Daniel and Superman trying to navigate their relationships with one another would be much more interesting.

(I know Superman isn’t gay, but for the purposes of this discussion, I don’t know, maybe?)


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