Worst Patriarch Award

Yet another weird actor pattern that I’ve noticed lately.

Alan Dale plays terrible fathers. Just the worst. This guy is like the worst father in the entire world.

He does however, look awesome in a suit

Let’s start with The O.C. where Dale played family patriarch Caleb Nichol. While, just about everything about The O.C. was amazing, one of the greatest things was the complicated family relationships, caused in no small part because Caleb married Julie Cooper, who was the mother of Ryan’s love Marissa, and ex wife of Jimmy, his daughter Kirsten’s first love. He also fathered one of Ryan’s other girlfriends while having a long term affair before Kirsten’s mother died.

Caleb also basically corrupted the incorruptible Sandy Cohen under the guise of “helping the family” and died after getting in to a large fight with Kirsten about it. It was so bad it made her an alcoholic over night. Caleb’s terribleness haunted The Cohen family for seasons after his death, when it turned out he was broke and then Julie tried to con them and all their friends out of their money to cover her debts.

really miss The O.C.

Then there was Lost. On Lost he played Charles Whitmore, father of Penny, who was the constant and soul mate of Desmond Hume. Why was he a terrible father? He separated Penny and Desmond repeatedly, consistently went back to live on the Island, even after Penny was born (it was against The Rules of the Island for this to happen.) and then put her life in jeopardy by changing the rules of the war between him and Ben by killing Ben’s daughter Alex.

Guys, I kind of really miss Lost too.

And now we have Once Upon a Time. Alan Dale plays King George (and anonymous man in a suit in Storybrooke, we saw him for the first time in the last seconds of this week’s episode), who’s wife was unable to bear children. So he made a deal with Rumplestislkin for an heir. He got one of the twin sons of a shepherd, who traded the baby for prosperity. Then he gets that son killed by a dragon, so has to take the other twin and turn him in to a prince. I don’t quite understand why he thinks that he can do this by being a total douchebag but that does seem to be his general plan.

Then Snow White and Charming go to war with him and kick his ass. Presumably he will now do something really manipulative to Charming/David and Henry, as they try to make life in Storybrooke livable without Snow and Emma. (I do not think that they’ll succeed at this…)

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