My Favorite Superhero

I’m going to talk to you a little bit about my favorite superhero. Believe it or not, it isn’t who you think.

This is, surprisingly, the wrong answer

My favorite superhero is a real live dude. Although he’s less of a dude and more completely the man. My favorite superhero is Cory Booker.

If you don’t know who Cory Booker is, you clearly do not live in the tri state area. Allow me to explain.

Cory Booker was elected to be Mayor of The City of Newark in 2006, and set out to change and save the city. In that time, The New Jersey Performing Arts Center became a cultural powerhouse and The Prudential Center, a new arena for The New Jersey Devils was built. He’s opened schools, made infrastructure more accessible to the people who need it. (If you tweet at him about potholes or noise complaints, he fixes them.)

These are not the things that make him a superhero, although they are awesome. What makes him a superhero, is that time he ran in to a burning building to save a woman.

Yes, that’s right, and he described it as “being neighborly.” Also Mark Zuckerberg gave him a bunch of money because “he seemed like a cool guy.”

Yup. And he doesn’t even need a Cape, SUCK IT KENT!

Corey Booker is my favorite superhero. He’s also the only democrat I would ever vote for, and for once my home state (and current residence) is actually the model of bi-partisan government. Booker and Governor Chris Christie are not only friendly, but work together, despite their differing ideologies to make sure that Newark and The State are thriving.

Christie can be Jimmy Olsen


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