We can beat them, forever and ever

Kate and I went to go see Perks of Being A Wallflower last night. I remembered reading the book in high school.

Doesn’t everyone read this book in high school? You’re like not allowed to turn 18 until you’ve read it, right?

I remembered enjoying it, I remember thinking, “Yes, I have felt these things. Yeah, this book gets me.”

I need to read this book again.

But on to the movie. While my Character Separation Disorder (I have a highly advanced stage of this difficult social disorder) did interfere some with the movie. Logan Lerman and Emma Watson make out and the first thing most people think of isn’t, “WHY IS HERMIONE KISSING PERCY JACKSON? ANNABETH AND RON WILL BE SO SAD!”

This is nice, but upsetting in a vague way to the fantasy novel lover.

These people will never fully enjoy life or that episode of Bones where they investigate a murder of that guy who thought he was a demon. Also Emma Watson’s American accent faltered slightly, taking you out of the action, but generally, the movie was incredibly well done.

Perks is about moments, it’s about being a teenager, and those times that change everything. It’s also about how the past colors everything we do. Charlie and Sam (Lerman and Watson) are both working through the terrible things that have happened to them. Charlie’s doing his best to recover from a mental breakdown that occurred because his best friend killed himself and the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his aunt at the age of seven.

But mostly it’s about moments, first kisses and heartbreaks. It’s about those nights with your friends where you sit around doing nothing, and that moment when you hear that perfect song for the first time. (It’s David Bowie’s “Heroes” in Perks, for my friends and me it was The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights.”) I was glad to think about these moments again, and really glad to be doing it with one of my oldest friends. When we were sitting at dinner and Kate and I were talking about the changes in our lives lately (we’re both embracing the “grown up” but having some trouble), and she something about having the people from the past around being good, “I mean, I love that, it’s why ten years later, we’re still here, you’re still in my life.”

In the end I think that that’s the point. The people that love you are the people that are there for those moments, the infinite ones that they talk about in Perks of Being a Wallflower.


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