Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Rewatch: Week 4 Part 3

“The Prom,” “Graduation Part 1,” and “Graduation Part 2” are my three favorite episodes of Buffy. I mentioned that Season 3 has always been my favorite, for a lot of reasons, but it’s mostly because of these three episodes, and to be honest, I was glad I watched them so soon after seeing Perks of Being A Wallflower.

Because these episodes, although in a far less realistic fashion, are about those same moments described in Perks. Buffy wants to save the prom for a lot of reasons, to fight evil, because that’s her duty, but also because she wants her friends to have one night of teenage normalcy. She wants it for herself as well, but that gets thrown out the window when Angel breaks up with her that same week.

She saves the prom and then, as The Mayor, who is the embodiment of one of my favorite pieces of wisdom from the great Stephen Sondheim, “Nice is different than good,” prepares for his ascension to full demon form, she organizes her classmates in to an army to fight him.

Of course, these episodes plant seeds that are going to grow for years. The resentment between Buffy and Faith comes to a head in an epic fight, which puts Faith in a coma. Cordelia, Angel and Wesley say their goodbyes. (This made me tingly, at the thought that Angel Investigations was so close at hand…I might have to start watching Angel now too. So, I’ll be watching Buffy, Smallville, and Angel. I may overload on angst.) Harmony gets bit, Anya and Xander begin flirting, (or Anya’s version of flirting), Oz and Willow sleep together, Buffy quits the council and Faith makes the first reference to Dawn and Buffy’s death, “Little Miss Muffett counting down from 730.”

These things make up the majority of the next four seasons of Buffy and so much of Angel. I love that. This is when the show gets epic, it’s the turning point.

3 thoughts on “Commencement

  1. I just we-watched Buffy & Angel (for the umpteenth time) a few months back but your post got me salivating again so I may just have to start over again – if you are on a Joss kick you should also include Firefly … happy viewing :))


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