The Showrunner That Cried Hit

I’m not going to say that it’s easy to be a “show runner.” I’ve never done it, but I imagine it’s immensely difficult.

From my impression that ones who create consistently good shows are the ones who either micro manage every detail, or let their babies fly after the pilot or first season. I mean, Matthew Wiener of Mad Men basically lives with Jon Hamm right? That’s how that works? But JJ Abrams handed Lost off to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cruse and it became a classic.

Then there’s Josh Schwartz.

Josh Schwartz has created some of my all time favorite shows. The OC, Gossip Girl, Chuck and Hart of Dixie. Schwartz creates relatable, funny characters and places them in compelling dramatic situations.

But then, usually some time around the halfway point of season 2 or 3, his shows go off the rails.

The Yamaclaus was amazing, however.

If you’ve watched Schwartz’s shows you know the moments that I’m talking about. I’m talking about when Lindsey, who was Kirsten Cohen’s secret half sister and Ryan’s not so secret girlfriend decided to move to Chicago for no reason. I’m talking about Jenny Humphrey and Chuck Bass having sex.

This was the worst ever!


I’m talking about Morgan getting the intersect. I’m guessing Zoe Hart is going to have sex with Lavon Hayes, or even have unresolved feelings or something else stupid that no one who watched the show wants to see.

The Hart of Dixie season premier was last night, and it ended amazingly. Like, amazingly. It ended with Zoe in bed with Wade, which is the greatest thing ever.

But I know. I’ve learned. I don’t trust Schwartz or his shows. This show that I love is going to get terrible and never deliver on it’s potential and break my heart.

There are ten episodes of Gossip Girl left. Chuck is over (I couldn’t bring myself to care about the final season, no matter how hard I tried.) The OC has drifted in to pop culture oblivion, (it doesn’t even stream for God’s sake!).

Mr. Schwartz, you have given us Hart of Dixie. We love this show. You have reminded us why we love Rachel Bilson, and created one of the best love polygons since Beverley Hills 90210. (Wade/Zoe/George/Lemon/Lavon) Please don’t screw it up this time. I’m begging you!



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