Careful Spike, your vulnerable is showing

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Rewatch: Week 4 Part 1

I’ve been lax in the Buffy rewatching this past week. It comes largely from the fact that the new TV season got underway, and The Avengers came out on DVD and I went to go see Coheed this weekend.

But before going to sleep last night, I got back on track (in a way). Season 3 has always been my favorite, for so many reasons. But last night I watched “Lover’s Walk,” which although it breaks up Willow and Oz (temporarily) and Xander and Cordelia (permanently) I still love.

Love, love, love!

The reason why I love this episode is because it brings Spike back. I mean, of course I love Spike. (This whole experiment started because of how much I love Spike.) But “Lover’s Walk” is an exceptional piece of the Spike story. It’s the first time we really see inside of his mind, see how he ticks.

He returns to Sunnydale determined to get Dru back, when she leaves him for a chaos demon. He lectures Buffy and Angel on their new “just friends” arrangement, telling them (correctly) that it’s doomed to failure. They can’t help loving one another. And Spike is just Spike, he’s blunt and terribly correct.  He talks about love being “blood pumping through you,” and then when he makes his big reveal, saying in the end that he needs to “make Dru love [him] by being the man [he] was.” He’s going to “find her, tie her up and torture her until she likes [him] again.” This is good, telling Spike stuff. This is who he is. He’s all passion and fire.

Spike is identified as possibly unique and certainly rare among vampires, being that he truly loves. Deep inside of him, the capability was never lost. (Later on, in Angel there are other vamps who possibly maintain this, but at this early stage in the Buffy-verse there is only Spike.) This serves him both well and ill in the future, when he falls hard for Buffy, and earns back his soul to be worthy of her. He also winds up tortured and a hollow shell of a man for it, but that’s his curse. Angel’s is his conscience, Spike’s is his passion.

Also, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sex Pistol’s version of “My Way” (my favorite Sinatra tune) and Spike driving out of Sunnydale blasting it is a great way to end this episode.

Coming up on Buffy, “The Wish” which means we meet Anya, “Gingerbread,” which means Amy gets turned in to a rat.

Coming up on other Fangirl things, The Mark of Athena (Percy Jackson, because I love him!), Talking about how I don’t trust Prince Charming, (Once Upon a Time season premier, and left over unresolved Sondheim feelings) and trying to talk about The Avengers in a way that isn’t completely dirty.

Stick around it’s going to be great! (Did you guys know that when I write here, in my head I’m hosting SNL? Now you do.)

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