The Angel Pants Problem

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Rewatch: Week 2 Part 2

Le Sigh.

If you’re new, and for some reason don’t know the basics of Buffy-verse mythology, Angel is the great love of Buffy’s life. He’s a vampire, but he was cursed with a soul by a gypsy tribe after he tortured and killed a young girl who was a favorite of said tribe. A caveat of the curse is that if Angel has even one moment of happiness, he will lose that soul. This way, he must live his life constantly in guilt ridden agony, and any attempt to improve on that he will become a monster.

It’s really bad when this happens, as we learn in season 2, when he gets his moment of happiness. That moment comes while he and Buffy are making love for the first time. Angel becomes Angelus. He dedicates the rest of the season to torturing Buffy and the Scoobies and bringing about the apocalypse.

It happens one or two other times on Angel, but generally, Angel guards against it by living celibate. (Although Wesley once explained, “Angel had a moment of pure true happiness when he was with Buffy, who he truly loved. Do you know how rare that is?”) But there is a really easy way to spot whether you’re dealing with Angel, or Angelus.

You just have to look at his pants.

No it’s not what you think (perverts), you literally have to look at what pants he’s wearing. Angel generally wears jeans or dark cotton pants. Angelus wears leather pants.

It’s actually one of the most important life lessons I’ve learned from Buffy and Angel. Leather Pants = Evil, Cotton Pants = Good. It’s extremely useful when talking to men in bars. Leather Pants = Evil.

Although I also generally try to stay away from men who do their hair like Angel too. Too much hair gel is also usually not so good. But he does his hair like that when he’s good or evil, so it’s not as much of a surefire way to tell what state Angel is in.

But still, leather pants = evil

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