Science Fiction-y Goodness

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Rewatch: Week 2, Part 1

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday. (One week in, already breaking my promises, I’m terrible.) But I was busy watching, the Giants be awesome and then being sleepy from day drinking to get any writing actually done.

But today, I was slogging through those boring middle episodes of Season 2. (Slightly less boring and sloggy than the ones in season 1.) I actually enjoyed “Ted” which I used to abhor, and “Bad Eggs” is a whole lot of fun. Last week, I watched my favorite of the early “one offs” the brilliant “Halloween.”

While Buffy in general errs on the side of epic fantasy, it still walks the often blurry line between Science Fiction and Fantasy. This line is really blurry on television, particularly in Whedon’s stories, and definitely in his successor JJ Abrams’s. (I often explain to people that there wouldn’t be Lost without Buffy. Without Buffy, The WB would have tanked, thus there wouldn’t have been Felicity, thus, JJ Abrams wouldn’t have gotten noticed to make Alias, thus ABC never would have asked him to create a drama about a bunch of survivors of a plane crash….which is what Lost was, sort of.) But the Season 2 one offs are science fiction stories, with cyborgs, and mind control and all other manners of  baddies.

I’ve been reading Fear and Trembling In Sunnydale: Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Philosophy. It’s an interesting read, but of course most of it focuses on the later seasons. I can’t wait until I get to the good stuff with Faith etc. Right now, I’m about where Angel is going to turn.

Basically, I’m about to get in to the good stuff.

I’m really pretty excited about it.

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