The Seth Green Connection

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Rewatch: Week 1 Part 5

One thing I did not expect to find during this process was a connection between The Buffy Rewatch (Just getting started!) and The Great Batman Animated Project (Almost finished!) besides snarky teenage characters.

Terry and Buffy would get along well, I think…I smell a fanfic!

But there is another connection besides the totally baller fight/sex scenes I now intend to write about these characters. (Also, Giles and Bruce will be sarcastic about them. This will be glorious!) And that connection is Seth Green.

This guy…man.

Seth Green plays Oz on Buffy, but you knew that, didn’t you reader? Oz is a werewolf. He’s Willow’s first love. He’s monosyllabic and totally great. What you probably didn’t know, was that he also voiced Nelson, the jock bully who Terry McGinnis totally hates. I found out this piece of trivia while listening to a commentary track on Batman Beyond. 

Anyway, I love Seth Green. I think he’s fantastic. Of course my mother feels quite differently. She doesn’t trust Seth Green, because “he was so mean to Eric…Murphy and Foreman.” These kind of comments lead me to believe that much of my personality is completely genetic. Also this conversation happened on Thanksgiving, and my cousin D.J. then shouted “Tell Sloane I said What up!” across the room. My family is awesome.

Moving on, I was so happy to find this connection because really, finding stupid connections like this make me so happy. Also, it makes me feel distinctly less useless for listening to the commentary track on Batman Beyond. 

Now, what would Buffy be doing in Gotham, in the future? I’m not saying it has to make a lot of sense…but it should make some sense. Or maybe Terry is in Sunnydale, in the past. I don’t know. I do know that she’ll make fun of the costume. That much I do know. Oooh! And Willow and Maxx can talk computers! This is going to be the best fanfiction ever!

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